Prepared by the Buffalo News from its own files in 1947.
They include those who lost their lives in battle, illness and other means while in the service of their country.
does not include City of Buffalo NY

* denotes missing
created January 30, 1998
edited October 22, 2008

Adamyak, Thomas      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Agnello, Rocco R.      Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Allyn, George F.      Capt.      Niagara Falls
Amery, John T. *      Tech. Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Andalora, Robert D.      Pfc.      Sanborn
Andrews, Frank A.      Staff Sgt.      Pendelton Center
Ansley, Frank A.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Arrigo, Samuel      Sgt.      Lockport
Atamian, Harry H.      2nd Lt.      Niagara Falls
Bacon, Harry D.      Pvt.      Lockport
Balcom, Charles E.      Seaman      Lockport
Ball, Kenneth      Pvt.      Lockport
Baney, James L.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Banks, Ronald C.      Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Barden, Keith T.      Capt.      Lockport
Barker, Gerald L *      Flying Officer      Niagara Falls
Barlow, Hugh G.      Lt.      Lockport
Barnett, Raymond E.      Sgt      Niagara Falls
Basco, Stephen J.      Corp.      N. Tonawanda
Bassett, Clark Jr.      Corp.      N.Tonawanda
Bataria, Francis M.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Bataria, John A.      Ensign      Niagara Falls
Bates, Robert C.      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Becker, John J.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Beckett, Harold D.      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Bellinger, Albert J.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Bellring, Robert F.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Belstadt, Joseph N.      Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Benjella, Paul G. *      Seaman      Niagara Falls
Bernat, Casmier      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Berner, Herbert J.     Sgt.      Gasport
Berthot, Robert J.      Pfc     Niagara Falls
Blackstone, Robert H.      Staff Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Blatt, Richard C.      Lt. Col.     Niagara Falls
Blum, Thaddeus B.      Lt.     Niagara Falls
Boehm, Michael      Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Bogart, Loyal K.      Capt.      Niagara Falls
Bollier, Sherwood A.      Corp.      N. Tonawanda
Borden, Raymond C.      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Bordino, Charles J. *      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Bourlier, Donald W.      Tech. Sgt.      Lockport
Bowen, Walter C.     Pvt.      Lockport
Bowersox. Virgil J.      Pvt.      Wilson
Bowman, Harold G.     Seaman      Ransomville
Bradley, Ernest C.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Bradley, Richard J.      Pvt      N. Tonawanda
Bradley, Wilfred H.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Brandt, Elwood A.      Tech. Sgt.      Newfane
Brown, James A.      Pfc. N.      Tonawanda
Brown, Robert E.      Sgt.      Wilson
Buchanan, Wm. F.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Buffman, Ralph V.      Corp.      Appleton
Bulack, Joseph T.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Bullis, Gerald A.      Pvt.      Lewiston
Bunny, Arthur J. *      Pvt.      Wilson
Burlingame, Wm. R.      Staff Sgt.      Ransomville
Burns, John R.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Butcher, Ellsworth A.      Aviation Cadet      Lockport
Butler, Kenneth D.      Pvt.      Lockport
Butzki, Stephen      Pvt. USMC     Niagara Falls
Campbell, ____      Pvt.      Middleport
Caneill, Tarcisio     Tech. Sgt.     Youngstown
Canfield, Louis C.      Pfc.      Ransomville
Canham, Francis A.      Lt.      Barker
Carlock, Floyd D.      Sgt.     Fort Niagara
Castle, Redmond J.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Caughill, Henry N.      Pvt.      Lockport
Chapman, Robert H.      Tech. Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Chestnut, John A.      Sgt. Ransomville
Chew, Silas W      Pvt.      Lewiston
Chudy, Stanley K.      Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Clark, Donald N. *      Staff Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Clark, Robert W      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Clarke, Raymond D.      Lt      Lockport
Collins, Leslie I. Pvt.           Niagara Falls
Cone, Kenneth D.      Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Conti, Carlo B.      Pvt      Niagara Falls
Conti, Carman J.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Converso, Paul      Pfc.      Lockport
Cook, Robert W. Jr.      Capt.      Sanborn
Coombs, Harry B.      AMM      Niagara Falls
Cordell, Willis D.      Seaman 2nd      Niagara Falls
Cowie, James C.      Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Crandall, Elvin J.      Pfc.      Gasport
Crossi, Dominick, J.      Lt.      Lockport
Cruden, James J.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Cutting, Emarld G.      Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Cyphers, Elmer     Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Czaja, Stanley      Corp.       N. Tonawanda
Czechorowski, John      Corp.     Niagara Falls
Czepinski, Edw. J.      2nd Lt.      Niagara Falls
Dabrowski, Frank A.      MM      Niagara Falls
D'Augostino, Justin      Seaman      Lockport
Daley, Charles E.     Tech. Sgt.      Middleport
Dell, Frank A.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Dickey, Michael      Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Dineen, Wm. F.      Seaman      Niagara Falls
Dinino, Leo J.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Doherty, John J.      Capt.      Lockport
Donovan, James B.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Doty, Walter J. *      Corp.      Youngstown
Downes, Robert R.      Tech. Sgt.      Lockport
Eaton, Wm. J.      Pvt.      Ransomville
Eckel, Stanley B.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Edmonds, Richard B.      Seaman      Niagara Falls
Ellis, Wm.      Pvt.      Gasport
Fabian, Edw. C.      Seaman      Lockport
Fabuz, Raymond S.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Fahs, Elwood      Pfc.      Wilson
Fairburn, Robert J. *      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Fazenbaker, Jack S.      Lt      Lockport
Felgenbaum, Edw. P. *      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Fell, Charles L.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Ferchan, Richard H.      Radioman      Niagara Falls
Ferchan, Walter F.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Ferguson, Wm. C.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Field, Floyd H. Jr.      Pvt.      Lockport
Figler, Roman H. Jr. *      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Finley, Robert H.      Seaman      Lockport
Ficco, Albert A.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Fogg, Earle F. *      Boilmaker      Niagara Falls
Folmar, Charles G. *      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Fortuna, Edw. J.      Tech.      Gowanda
Freddoso, Alfred A.      Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Fredericks, Clarence E.      Sgt.     Ransomville
Fritz, Donald F.      Pvt.      Lockport
Frommert, Robert E      Lt      Niagara Falls
Fry, Warren H.      Tech.      Lockport
Fucarino, David V.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Fuller, Jack      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Furrow, Robert H.      Electrian's Mate      Niagara Falls
Gaetano, Nicholas      Fireman      Niagara Falls
Gage, Harold      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Gamble, Curtis L.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Garrow, Herbert J.      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Gaskill, Merrill R.      Staff Sgt.      Gasport
Gebbie, David O.      Lt.      Lockport
Geelan, Wm. C.      Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Geesin, Nelville G.      Sgt.      Lockport
Geier, Allan H. &n      Staff Sgt.      Lockport
Geier, Howard L.      Staff Sgt.      Lockport
George, Harold H.     Brig, General     Lockport
German, John L.      Quartermaster      Niagara Falls
Gill, Donald      Pfc      Newfane
Gillis, Alfred      Pfc.      Olcott
Glasgow, Wm. C.      Capt.      Niagara Falls
Gluszek, John A.      Pfc.      Lockport
Goff, Clifford S.      Pvt.      Newfane
Goodian, Francis C.      Seaman      Lockport
Gorman, James F.      Pharm. Mate     Niagara Falls
Gourley, John      Staff Sgt      Niagara Falls
Grabon, Daniel S.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Graf, Earl A      Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Graf, John R.      Pfc.      Lockport
Graff, Herman R.      MMM      N. Tonawanda
Green, Leonard J.      2nd Lt.      Niagara Falls
Greenhaig, Bruce      Sgt      Niagara Falls
Greenwald, Geo. E      Pfc.      Olcott
Greer, Earl      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Gregor, Edw. J.      Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Greig, Robert K.      Pvt.      Niagara
Griffith, Jack B.      Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Grofenberg, Robert J.      Staff Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Grossi, Dominick J.      Lt.      N. Tonawanda
Grzbowski, Alfred      Pfc.      Niagara
Guirey, Bernard N.      Staff Sgt.      Niagara
Gunby, Kenneth      Sgt.      Lockport
Hadykien, Anthony J.     Pfc.     N. Tonawanda
Haight, David E.      Lt.      Barker
Hailey, Andrew J.     Lt.     Niagara Falls
Hamilton, Stewart A.      Sgt.      Wilson
Hammings, John W.      Pfc.      Olcott
Harder, Raymond A.      Pfc.      Wheatfield
Harty, Norman F.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Hartzog, Trammell G.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Harvey, David S.      Corp.      Bergholz
Harwood, Jonathan H. Jr.     Capt.      Lockport
Hausman, Russell F.      Pvt.      Newfane
Hawley, Gordon      Pfc.      Rapids
Hays, David S.     Lt.      Youngstown
Heary, Thomas F.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Hibbard, Warren R.     Sgt.     Hartland
Hickey, Francis W.     Corp.     Middleport
Hill, Stanley R.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Holliday, Gordon D.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Holt, Arlie     2nd Engr. MM     Niagara Falls
Hooker, George D.     Lt.     Niagara Falls
Hopkins, James H.     Lt.     Niagara Falls
Horvath, Anthony J.     Pfc.     N. Tonawanda
Houck, Arthur V.     Staff Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Houghton, Jack     1st Lt.     Lockport
Huff, Neal H. *     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Hughes, Leo L.     2nd Lt.     Niagara Falls
Hughes, Orville B.      Pilot Officer      Niagara Falls
Hunt, Daniel F. Jr.     Lt.     Wilson
Husband, Wilfred M.     Sgt.     N. Tonawanda
Hutchinson, Dawson L. *     Warrent Officer      N. Tonawanda
Hutzel, Kenneth L.     Lt.      Pekin
Iglesias, Joaquin M. *     Fireman     Niagara Falls
Ingraham, James M.     Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Ingram, Robert H.      Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Irish, Kenneth N.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Jablonski, Alfred     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Jacoby, Frederick H.      1st Lt.      Niagara Falls
Jamula, Sigmund A.      Corp.      N. Tonawanda
Janicki, Stanley F.      Corp.      Lockport
Janish, Frank M.     Radio Tech.      N. Tonawanda
Janulla, Sigmund A.      Corp.      N. Tonawanda
Jarvis, Thomas L.      Ensign      Niagara Falls
Jillings, Norman      Pfc.     Lockport
Johnson, Blaine C.      Pvt.      N. Tonawanda
Johnson, Donald E.      Aviation Ord.      Middleport
Johnson, Fletcher H.      2nd Lt.      Middleport
Johnson, Howard R.     Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Jordan, James P.      Lt. Comm.     N. Tonawanda
Joseph, Wm. P.      Lt.     Niagara Falls
Judge, James J.      MM      Niagara Falls
Juliana, Louis      Tech.      Lockport
Kampfer, James E.      Corp.      N. Tonawanda
Kanehl, Willet C.      Lt.     Lockport
Kautz, Wm. G.     Lt.     Lockport
Keech, Carl H.     Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Kelker, John S.     Storekeeper      Wilson
Kellogg, Jackson J. Jr.      Pvt.      Lockport
Kellogg, Lloyd A.     Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Kerins, Thomas E. Lt.          Niagara Falls
Keyes, Harold J.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Kiaja, Sylvester      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Kilmer, Francis J.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Kindt, Karl M. Jr.      Tech.     N. Tonawanda
King, Stewart G.      Tech.     N. Tonawanda
Kirchue, James S.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Kirk, Geo. B.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
Kirkpatrick, Peter N.      Corp.      Lewiston
Kleintjes, Bertrand      Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Klisz, Walter A.     Staff Sgt.     N. Tonawanda
Knickerbocker, Harry P.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Kostraba, Alfred A.      Corp.     N. Tonawanda
Kozmenski, Wm. J.      P fc.     Niagara Falls
Krawczyk, Stanley F.      Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Krieger, Norman F.      Sgt     Niagara Falls
Krieger, Theodore      Tech.     Niagara Falls
Kuczynski, Victor J.     Pfc.     N. Tonawanda
Kuhns, Harold D.      USN     Niagara Falls
Kuzybski, Alfred      Lt.     Gasport
LaBuda, Edw. J.      USN     Niagara Falls
LaFave, Frederick D.      Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Lallier, Clyde E.     Staff Sgt.      Lockport
LaRocque, Allan W.      Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Larsen, Edw. M.      Lt      Niagara Falls
Laspada, Jos. F.      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Lawie, Gordon C.      Corp.     Niagara Falls
Lawson, Alexander S.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Leaver, Donald W.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Lee, Frederick     Lt.      Lockport
Legcy, Thomas E.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
LeMay, Robert     Niagara Falls
Lepine, Fernand     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Levin, Percy      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Lewis, Thomas F.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Ligammari, Alfred C.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Lindhurst, Norman     Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Little, Ralph R.     Flying Officer     Lockport
Lovett, James B. Jr.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Lowden, Fred E.     Aviation Radioman     Niagara Falls
Lucarini, Daniel J. *      Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Lucek, Michael     Pfc.     N. Tonawanda
Lucido, Louis      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Luckman, Louis     Staff Sgt.      Lockport
Lunken, Isadore I.      MMM      Niagara Falls
Lynn, Henry     Aviation Radioman     N. Tonawanda
MacDonald, John A.     Lt.     Niagara Falls
MacEachon, Donald A.      USN      Lockport
Maday, Frank      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Madden, Howard M.     Pfc.     Lockport
Magrum, Paul F.     Pvt.     Olcott
Major, Clyde A.     Pvt.      Lockport
Maksiak, Edw. S.     Staff Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Maloney, Kenneth     Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Malvestuto, Albert P.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Manchester, Arthur G.      Corp.     Lockport
Mann, Reginald W.     Corp.      Ransomville
Martin, Charles W.     Sgt.      Lockport
Martin, Duane      Seaman     Newfane
Martin, Sidney A.     Corp.     Lockport
Martin, Wm. T.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Mattuccilli, Alfred     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Maziack, John H.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
McClean, John A.      Lt.      Niagara Falls
McCollum, John S.     Sgt.     Niagara Falls
McConnaghy, Alexander P.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
McCormack, Frank J.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
McCracken, Kenneth W.     Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
McDonald, Bernard D.      Pvt.     Niagara Falls
McGlynn, James D. *     Lt.     Lockport
McGraw, John H.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
McHenry, James H.     Lt.      Niagara Falls
McJury, Kenneth C.     Staff Sgt.      Lockport
McKernan, Elbert R.     Sgt.     Olcott
McNash, Capel W.     Lt.     Lockport
Meinick, Henry      Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Mendy, Joseph     Pfc.     Lackawanna
Meyer, Daniel F.     Pfc.     N. Tonawanda
Meyer, Gen. W.     Pfc.     N. Tonawanda
Miller, Chas. E.     Pfc.      Lockport
Miller,Edw. E.     Pfc. &     N. Tonawanda
Mills, Richard K.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Miranda, Joseph J.      Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Misterkiewicz, Victor D.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Mobley, Oscar E.     Sgt.     Youngstown
Mohler, Phillip     Lt.     Newfane
Molnar, Stephen     Staff Sgt.     N. Tonawanda
Mondi, Anthony M. *      Fireman     Niagara Falls
Money, Wilfred O.     Pfc.     Middleport
Morrison, Paul W.     Seaman     Lockport
Morrison, Richard C.     Flight Officer     Niagara Falls
Most, Wm. R.      1st Lt.     Niagara Falls
Muir, Wilfred A.     USN     Niagara Falls
Mulligan, Jos. W.     Gunner's Mate     Olcott
Murphy, John      MM      Niagara Falls
Murphy, Neal A.      2nd Lt.     Niagara Falls
Murphy/Murray, Wm. J.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Myers, Wm. E.      Pvt.      Ransomville
Nagelhout, Vincent L.     Corp.     Niagara Falls
Nassoiy, Joeeph H.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Neden, Joseph B. *     Lt.     Lockport
Neubauer, Wallace C.      Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Neumann, Clinton K.     Radioman      Lockport
Newell, Frank R.     Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Nichnewitz, Edw.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Nickles, Gilbert H. *     Lt.      Niagara Falls
Noble, Jay A. Jr.     Lt.      Lockport
Norris, Herbert     Corp.     Niagara Falls
Oblamski, Valentine      Staff Sgt.     Niagara Falls
O'Brien, Charles W.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
O'Brien, Gerald K     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
O'Conner, Richard J.     Lt.     Lockport
Olejniczak, Stephen S.     Staff Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Overend, Donald     Lt.      Lockport
Overton, Otis C.     Lt.      Lockport
Owen, Ross M.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Owens, George S.     Lt.     Lockport
Padlo, Walter J.     Lt.      Niagara Falls
Pane, Samuel M.     Corp. Tech.      N. Tonawanda
Panek, Walter P.     Pvt.      N. Tonawanda
Paonessa, Anthony J.     Tech. Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Parkhill, Robert A.     Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Parske, Franklin R.     Ensign     N. Tonawanda
Pash, Joseph F. *     Lt.      Niagara Falls
Paterson, Keith E.          Niagara Falls
Patszaiek, Leo      Sgt.      Appleton
Pearce, Frederick E.     Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Pechuman, Earl P.     Sgt.      Lockport
Peck, Raymond F. *     Seaman     Niagara Falls
Perry, Chester G.     Pfc.     Wilson
Perry, Robert G.     Staff Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Peters, Charles A.     Sgt.     Middleport
Peterson, Edward A.     Pvt.     Lockport
Pfahlert, Frank L.     Seaman     Lockport
Philleo, Earl L.     Lt. &n     Lockport
Philleo, George B.     Sgt.      Lockport
Piatak, John J.      Capt.      Kenmore
Pierog, Anthony     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Piotrowski, Stanley J.      Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Pokrzyk, Joseph     Radarman     Niagara Falls
Politylo, Basil *     Electrician's Mate     N. Tonawanda
Pratt, Frederick W. Jr.     Lt.     Lockport
Preventowski, Stanley     Sgt.      Lockport
Priester, Marion P.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Pritchard, Elbert B.     Ensign     Niagara Falls
Puhaila, Frank N.     Corp.     N. Tonawanda
Raduszewski, Stanley     Pfc.     N. Tonawanda
Rairie, Stanley C.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Ramsdell, Robert K.     Pfc.     Newfane
Raniero, Abraham J.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Ransom, Richard L.     2nd Lt.     Chestnut Ridge
Rao, Emanuel T.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Rech, Roy F.      Seaman      N. Tonawanda
Redans, Willard L.     Major     Niagara Falls
Reed, Daniel          N. Tonawanda
Reiter, Edw. J.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Renda, Sam L.      Tech Sgt.
Rhodes, Lewis W.     Lt.      Appleton
Ricchio, Albert      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Rieker, John E.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Risio, Joseph F.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Roback, Edwin F.     Tech.      Niagara Falls
Robak, John Jr.     Seaman     Lancaster
Roberts, John A. *     Electrician's Mate     Niagara Falls
Robinson, Wm. S.     Lt.      Lockport
Roell, Francis W.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Rogers, Fred C.     2nd Lt.     Lockport
Rohring, Douglas      Corp.     Lockport
Rosati/Rossetti, Alphonus     Sgt.     Lockport
Rosati, Daniel      Corp.      Lockport
Ross, Everett N. Jr.     Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Ross, Thomas E.     Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Rougeux, Francis J.     Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Rowley, Charles W.     2nd Lt.      Lockport
Roziki, Walter E.     Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Rusin, Stanley     Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Rykiel, Francis T.     Tech. Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Rzepecli, Richard H.     Sgt.     N. Tonawanda
Saad, Ferris R.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Sadlo, Joseph J.      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Sahl, Bernard E. *     1st Lt.     Niagara Falls
Sahl, Milton A.      2nd Lt.     Niagara Falls
Sahm, Kampsey B.      Coxswain     Royalton Center
Salamone, Anthony W.      Tech. Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Sandonato, George W.      Seaman MM     Niagara Falls
Sang, Frederick B.      Pfc.      Lockport
Sarro, Vincent J.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Sasiadek, Edward J.     1st Sgt.      Barker
Sattleberg, James R.     Tech.     N. Tonawanda
Savage, Thomas E.     2nd Lt.     Niagara Falls
Savo, Atto E.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Scarpinato, Joseph A.      Pfc.      Lockport
Scharts, Herbert W.     Pvt.      Lockport
Schaum, Richard H.     1st Lt.     N.Tonawanda
Schnell, Albert F. *     Lt.      N. Tonawanda
Schrader, Robert G.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Schug, Albert P. *     Flight Officer      Niagara Falls
Schultz, Norman A.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Scott, Merle L.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Scott, Robert R.     Capt.      Niagara Falls
Seal, Martin      Sgt.      N. Tonawanda
Seefried, Sylvester E.     Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Serba, Frank M.     Pfc.      Youngstown
Serfass, Malcom M.     Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Shapiro, Lester     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Sharpe, John F.      Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Shepard, Howard     Pfc.      Middleport
Shields, James B.      Aviation Cadet     Niagara Falls
Shimer, Mason A.      2nd Lt.     Lockport
Shoen, Gordon     Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Shofstahl, LaVern G.     2nd Lt.      Niagara Falls
Shoultz, Clarence W.      Pfc.     Wilson
Siedhoff, Alvin A.      Sgt.      Lockport
Sikora, Stephen J.     MM      N. Tonawanda
Silsby, John R.     Staff Sgt.     Johnson Creek
Sinatra, Andera     Lt.      Niagara Falls
Singer, Mark W.     Staff Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Sirgey, James P.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Sisson, Harry E.      Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Slish, Joseph      Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Smith, Allen E.     USN      Lockport
Smith, Clifford W.     Corp.      Pendelton
Smith, Earl J.      Pvt.      Lockport
Smith, George T.     Corp.      Lockport
Smith, George W.     Capt.     Niagara Falls
Smith, Howard P.     Staff Sgt.      Lockport
Smith, James E.     Gunnery Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Smith, John E.      Corp.      Lockport
Smithson, Raymond D.      Corp.      Niagara Falls
Snell, Raymond V.     Pfc.      Lockport
Snowden, David G. *     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Soll, Aaron O.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Solotes, Joseph J.      Pvt.     Lockport
Soluri, Robert A.     Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Sonnenmeier, James E.      Flight Officer     Lockport
Sparacio, Jack T.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Spatorico, Anthony J.      MM      Niagara Falls
Spencer, Emory     Pfc.      Lockport
Stahlman, Leroy M.     Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Stamp, Wm. J.      Staff Sgt.     Lockport
Stearns, Howard W.     Tech.     Lockport
Sterzelbach, Irwin A.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Stevens, Leslie E.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Strough, Walter O.     Pvt.      N. Tonawanda
Suchan, Andrew     MM     Niagara Falls
Suidak, Joseph F. *     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Sullivan, Wm. D.     Painter 2nd Class     Niagara Falls
Swick, Robert H.     Seaman     Niagara Falls
Swift, Gerald L.     2nd Lt.     Niagara Falls
Swift, John B.      Electrician's Mate     Newfane
Szur, James J.      Corp.      Lockport
Tacconi, Chester P.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Taylor, Howard F.     Sgt.      Lockport
Taylor, Wm. E.     Pfc.     Lockport
Terryberry, Wm. K.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Thaine, Wm. W.     USN     Middleport
Thiele, Roy      Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Thomas, R.E.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Ticconi, Leo A.     Pfc.      Niagara Falls
Tompkins, Elwood E.     Staff Sgt.     Sanborn
Tower, Everett L.     Corp.     Ransomville
Tracy, James J.     Lt.     Lockport
Trudnowski, Benjamin P.      Pvt.     Lockport
Tussing, Donald F.     Aviation Gunner     N. Tonawanda
Underwood, Esker O.     Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Utley, George J.     MM     Niagara Falls
Vaccarello, Louis J. *     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Valentino, Joseph R.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
VandenBosch, Grover     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
VanHorn, John R. *           Niagara Falls
VanSchryver, Harry A.      Lt.     Niagara Falls
Varner, Marvin K.     Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Vaughn, Robert F.     Pfc.     Lockport
Visznoski, Jack J.     1st Lt.     Niagara Falls
Vizi, Salvatore A.     Tech. Sgt.      Lockport
Vorpahl, Donald V.     Staff Sgt.     N. Tonawanda
Wajda, Victor S.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Wakley, Kenneth H.     Lt.     Niagara Falls
Walmsley, James A.     2nd Lt.      Niagara Falls
Walters, Arthur B.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Ward, Norman A.     Sgt.     Lockport
Wdowka, Carl J.     2nd Lt.     Niagara Falls
Webb, Lawrence J.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Webber, Frederick J.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Wegener, Erwin N.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Welch, John J.     Aviation Cadet     Niagara Falls
Welker, John S.     Storekeeper      Wilson
Welsh, Wm.      Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Wertman, Richard E.      AMM     Lockport
Wharton, Allan B.      Staff Sgt.      Niagara Falls
White, Maurice A.     Pfc.      Lockport
White, Robert H.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Whitham, George Jr.     Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Wiech, Peter H.     Sgt.     N. Tonawanda
Wilcox, George H.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Wille, Neiland           Lockport
Williams, David D.     USN     Niagara Falls
Willmott, Thomas      Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Wills, Robert L.     Pfc.     Niagara Falls
Wilson, Edw. R.      Sgt.     Niagara Falls
Wilson, Robert J.     Lt.      Lockport
Winiatowski, Leonard S.     Staff Sgt.     N. Tonawanda
Winko, Joseph     Lt.      Niagara Falls
Winter, Duane      Corp.      Sanborn
Winters, Francis G.     Pvt.      Niagara Falls
Witherite, Augustus H.      Tech.      Niagara Falls
Woodcock, Willis A.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Woods, Wm. Jr. *     Pvt.      Lockport
Woyksnar, Daniel     Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Wysocki, Daniel L.     Pvt.     Niagara Falls
Wysocki, John A. *     MM     Niagara Falls
Yocco, Dominic P.     Tech. Sgt.      Niagara Falls
Yurek, Chester     Pfc.      N. Tonawanda
Zalewski, Constantine      Pvt.     N. Tonawanda
Zastrow, Melvin H.      MMM     N. Tonawanda
Zendarski, Theodore B.      2nd Lt.     Niagara Falls
Zukowski, Chester F. Jr.      Pfc.      Niagara Falls

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