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Abstracts from Buffalo & Erie Co., NY Public Library

ACKERMAN, Gottlieb
Born 1826 Germany to Christopher (1797-1876)& Agnes (1798-1876) Ackerman. Came to Erie Co., NY 1831. Married March 6, 1860 Christina MOYER (1839-1868). Four children. (Tonawanda)

Born 1839 Erie Co., NY. Married 1863 Oanda HALL born Madison Co., NY 1843. Children; Cora M., Howard & Lillie. (Marilla)

ADAMS, Elisha P.
Born 1808 Pittsfield VT to Ezra & Ruth RICH Adams, natives of CT. Married Jan. 15, 1854 Fanny GRIDER, born 1825, Buffalo, NY. Children; Geo. W., 1854, Francis M., 1857 & Wm. H., 1860 (Cheektowaga)

Born 1831 Alsace to Place & Teresa Adolph. To Erie Co., NY 1846. Married 1872, Magdalena PAULTER. Children; Simon Jr., Frank & Magdalena. Married #2 in 1872 Mary NAGLE, born 1843. Children; Wm., Mary, Joseph & Edwin. Place 1789-1865. Teresa born 1792. (Lancaster)

Born 1846 Boston, NY. Married Oct. 20, 1869, Emma T. ROCKWOOD, born July 3, 1848 to Lyman Rockwood. Children; Ella G., Lyman & Allie C. Lyman Rockwood born Boston, NY June 10, 1816 & died 1879. (Boston)

ALT, George H.
Born March 31, 1860 Grand Island, NY to Phillip & Wilhelmina SCHMIDT Alt. Married 1885 Jennie E. WEBB, daughter of Christopher & Mary Webb of Grand Island, NY. One son George H. (Tonawanda)

ALT, Phillip
Born July 1827. Married Wilhelmina SCHMIDT, born Oct. 1829. both of Germany. Children; John, Peter, Phillip, George, Amelia, Katherine & Frank. (Tonawanda)

ASMUS, Philip
Born 1839 Germany. To Erie Co., NY 1856. Married 1865 Caroline ZIMMERMAN, born Erie Co., NY 1845. Children; W.G., Caroline F. & Geo. W. (Marilla)

Born Feb. 3, 1832 in Hartford CT. Married 1858 Antonitte DAGGETT of Wyoming Co. To East Aurora in 1879. (East Aurora)

AYER, Austin
Born May 11, 1811 Erie Co., NY. Married 1833 Ann FRICK born CT. Oct. 16, 1810, died Feb. 1836. Child; Orlando born 1836. Married #2 1839 Lucy FRICK, born CT. March 16, 1808. Child; Susan born Nov. 18, 1840 (Amherst)

AYER, Charles C.
Born 1814 Windham Co., MS. to Erie co., NY 1825. Married 1846 Emeline KNAPP, born 1824 Wayne Co., NY Children; Alice, Jerome, Franklin, Julia, Wm. & James E. (Amherst)

AYER, Orlando
Born 1836 to Austin & Ann FRICK. Married 1865 Laura F. BEACH, born 1845. Children; Florence C., Harland & Lucy F. (Amherst)

AYERS, Albert D.
Born 1836 Amherst, NY to Philetus & Margaret FRICK Ayers. Married 1868 Geraldine YOUNGS born 1834 to Jasper & Jane Ann Youngs of Amherst, NY. Children; Hobart C., Jennie S. & Coleman. (Amherst)

AYERS, Philetus
Born 1806 CT. To Erie Co., NY 1834. Married 1834 Margaret FRICK Died 1879. Children; Albert D., Emma R. & Sarah. (Amherst)

BALLARD, Fayette A.
Born Jan. 24, 1856 New Orleans, LA. to Lansing & Agnes HONEY Ballard. Married 1880 Ella HUFF, born 1855. (Tonawanda)

Born 1800 Onondaga Co., NY to Chauncy (1800-1861) & Annie (1798-1877) SCOFIELD. Married 1824 Adaline RHINES, died 1846. Ten children. Married #2, 1848, Phebe Ann POWELL, born 1821 Greene Co., NY. Children; Phebe BRUCE & Chauncy D., who married Mary J. GIBSON of Canada in 1870. One child to Chauncy D., Chauncey H. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1827 Wyoming Co., NY. Married 1860 E.A. GROSE, born 1837 Germany. One child; Jesse G. (Marilla)

Born 1849 Erie Co., NY to E. & Claissa WENDELL Beach. Married 1875 Fanny L. LUTZ born Amherst, NY 1857. Children; Grace F., 1875, Clarissa L, 1878 & Emma F., 1836. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1818 OH. Married 1835 Julia WENDELL born OH 1815, died 1843. Children; Emily L. 1836, Charlotte J. 1839 & Clarissa 1841. Married #2, 1844, Clarissa WENDELL. Children; Wm. H. & Louisa. (Cheektowaga)

BEDELL, Ossian
Born Georgia Franklin Co., VT. June 6, 1832. To Grand Island, NY 1840. Married March 28, 1854 Permelia ZIMMERMAN of Tonawanda, NY. (Grand Island)

BEEMAN, Caleb R.
Born Erie Co., NY 1852. Married 1873 Jane VETTER born Niagara Co., NY 1855. Children; Samuel, Frank, Ralph R. & Lloyd A. (Akron)

Born Erie Co., NY 1850 to Daniel & Roxy A. Bellinger. Married 1875 Sarah M. SPAULDING of Lockport, Niagara Co., NY. (Tonawanda)

Born 1817 Madison Co., NY to Jacob & Nancy Bellinger. Married 1844 Lorinda NOBLE daughter of Major Noble. *note: Major Noble buried in Skinnersville Cemetery, see other site (Tonawanda)

BENEDICT, Nathan Gregory
Born Jerusalem, Yates Co., NY, March 10, 1833. Died Buffalo, NY Sept. 13, 1892. Married 1857 Gracia S. SMITH, daughter of Rev. Stephen Rensellaer Smith.   (Buffalo)

BENNETT, David Chapin
Born Dec. 25, 1823 Cheektowaga, NY. Married June 7, 1863, Mary WINSPEAR, born 1824 England, died Nov. 17, 1880. Children; Leonard W., 1865 & Frank C., June 27, 1866. (Cheektowaga)

Born Erie Co., NY 1831. Married 1865 Josephine E. CASEY, born Alden, NY 1843. Two children. (Alden)

BETTS, Benjamin
Born 1828 Orleans Co., NY to Andrew & Rebecca OLIVER Betts, of Duchess Co., NY. Married 1849 Mary F. CRANDELL, born 1830 MS. Children; Frank M., Myron C. & Edw W. (Tonawanda)

Born Jan. 5, 1854 Wilson, Niagara Co., NY to F. (1828-1893) & Mary D. CRANDALL Betts. Married 1887 Lydia BAYLE, daughter of Thomas. (Tonawanda)

BIGELOW, Harry Foster
Born Sept. 16, 1811 Brandon VT. to Henry & Lucy BARNES Bigelow. To Erie co., NY 1821. Married Dec. 2, 1862 Mary L. STAPLES , born June 24, 1830 Newfield, ME. Children; Henry 1864, Nathaniel 1866, Olive 1869, Laura 1871 & Schuyler 1873. (Amherst)

Born 1781 Conway, MS. Died March 13, 1859. Married Oct. 4, 1810 Lucy BARNES born Brandon VT. Nov. 1, 1790. Died after 1880. (Amherst)

Born Lancaster, NY 1839 to Elias & Lucy GRAVES Bissell. Married 1877 Leona LADD of Amherst, NY. Children; Eleanor, Harry B. & Harvey. Elias born Randolph VT. 1795 & died Erie Co., NY 1880. (Lancaster)

Born Jan. 28, 1840 Perrysburg, NY to David G. Blasdell of VT. Married 1864 Lucinda SHERMAN, daughter of John Sherman. One child; Harry Blasdell. (Collins)

Born Lancaster Co., PA 1818. Son of John & Catherine BOMBAVIER Blocher who came to Erie Co., NY, 1826. Children of John & Catherine; Henry, Daniel & John. Daniel married 1845 Elizabeth METZ born in Lancaster Co., PA 1818. Daughter of Christian & Barbara KAUFMAN Metz. Children; (4 of 6) Harriet M., Amelia M., Maria M. and Ida M. (Clarence)

Born April 11, 1865 Cheektowaga, NY to Isaac Bolton of England. Married 1888 Cora BURMASTER. One child; Clifford E. (Collins)

Born 1812 Yorkshire England. To Erie Co., NY 1835. Married 1837, Mary GARDNER-COLSWORTH, born 1814 England, died 1852. Children; Mary H., Wm. James, George & Joseph B. Married #2, 1854, Elizabeth JOHNSON of England, who died Sept. 1872. Children; Thomas J., Hannah E., Julia I., Martha J. & Franklin E. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1810 Alsace. To US 1827. Married 1843 Mary SIMMET, born Alsace 1821. Died 1855. Children; Josephine, John & Frank. Married #2, in 1857, Mary KUNZ of Germany. children; George, Wm. & Albert. (Lancaster)

BOWMAN, Palmer
Born 1823 Lancaster, NY to Benjamin & Mary SNIVELY Bowman of Lancaster Co., PA. Married 1844 Azuba M. JOSELYN of VT. (1823-1853). Children; Lucius & Almon B. Married 1854 #2, Maria E. WILTSE of Clarence, NY. Children; Dr. Charles E. & Clarence W. Benjamin Bowman died 1854. Mary Bowman died 1850. (Bowmansville)

BOYER, Elijah
Born 1821 Erie Co., NY. Married 1841 Mary GALLOP, born 1823. Ten children. (Alden)

BRENNISON, Frederick
Born 1823 Baden Germany to Geo. & Magdalena GARLACH Brennison. Married 1861, Anna Rebecca KISER, born Germany 1840. One child, Frederick Jr. Geo. died South America 1828. Magdalena died NY 1852. Children of Geo. & Magdalena; Jacob (died 1877), Johanna & Frederick. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1839 Baveria Germany to Henry (died 1860) & Catherine (died 1852) BACHMAN Brick of Baveria. Married 1866 Helena KOON [KUHN] b. Boonville. Oneida Co., NY 1845. Children; Hattie, Caroline, Ida, Anna, Jenny, Catherine & Charles Adam. Parents of Helena Anthony & Catherine M. Koon of Baden, Germany. To Oneida Co. & Erie Co., NY 1867. Settled Davenport, Iowa 1873. (Amherst)

Born 1834 Erie Co., NY. Married 1860 Harriet N. MARTIN, born Livingston Co., NY 1832. Children; Frank E. & Harry L. (Marilla)

BRUCE, Solon
Born 1819 VT. to John & Abigail CHAFEN Bruce. Married 1844, Lydia M. ROBINSON, born Cheektowaga, NY Jan. 11, 1826, died Nov. 24, 1855. Children; Mary M., 1846, Ellen A., 1849 & Geo. S., 1852. Married #2, 1856, Helen ROBINSON-LEARNED, born VT. 1825. Children; Sarah P. & Chandler L. John Bruce born MS (1778-1866). Abigail born & died VT. (1783-1826). (Cheektowaga)

BRUNER, Valentine
Born 1827 France to Valentine (1803-1873) & Orcut FIXORIE Bruner. Married Mary ___, 1828-1858. Children; John (died 1882) & Joseph. Married #2 1859 Mary COON [KUHN}, born 1838. Children; five sons & four daughters. (Amherst)

BURNS, Alexander
Born 1826 Montogemery Co., NY. To Erie Co., NY 1844. Married 1848 Rhoda F. JONES (1826-1879). Children; Charles, Peter & Franklin. Married #2 in 1880, Carrie DAUCER. Charles married Josephine VANTINE, Peter married Sarah WEBER of Canada. (Tonawanda)

BUCHER, Joseph L.
Born in Switzerland 1837. Son of Jacob (1804-1873) & MaryAnn (1802-1879). Married 1866 to Catherine MATLER (born 1846). Children of Jacob & MaryAnn; Joseph L., Elizabeth & John.(Amherst)

Born 1825 in Alsace France. Son of Christian (died 1856) & Mary GUYLER (died 1864). Married 1850 Anna LEAU (b. 1830). Children; Mary, John, Josephine, George, Lany, Henry A., Caroline, Margaret, Elizabeth and Rosa Barbara. Parents of Anna; Jacob & Mary Leau.(Amherst)

BUSCH, Frederick
Born 1843 in Tussgoenheim Germany. Came to Erie Co., NY 1861. Son of Carl and Barbara Busch. Married 1866 Caroline LAYER, (b. 1848 in Erie Co., NY.) Children; Frederick C. & George A. (Amherst)

BUSH, Ira M.
Son of John G. Bush, (1800-1854) born VT. Married 1844 Sarah SAWYER (born 1823 Mass.) Children; (5 of 9) Albert W., George, Adaline, Josephine & Emma. Albert married Catherine HARTEL, Josephine married John BEBER, Adaline married Christopher ACKERMAN. Father of John G., Eli Bush born in VT., came to Erie Co., NY 1812.(Amherst)

BUSH, Joseph T.
Born Jan. 28, 1798 Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY to Lemuel G. & Mary Jane Bush, both of Germany. (Tonawanda)

BUSH, Stephen
Born Amherst NY, 1832 to John G. (1800-1854) & Mary PICKARD (1810-1879) Bush. Married 1861 Martha DIXON born 1840 of Niagara Co., NY., daughter of James and Orilla Dixon. Children; four sons & four daughters. (Amherst)

CAMPBELL, Alexander
Born March 1, 1825 in Scotland. To America 1852 and East Aurora in 1874. Was in Wash. DC for 6 years. Married Eliza P. MAY of Lancaster NY. (East Aurora)

Born in PA 1818. Son of Matthew (1779-1863) & Catherine BOYER Campbell (d. 1868). Came to Erie Co., Ny 1822. Married 1866 Sophia METZ, born 1830 Amherst, NY, daughter of John & Elizabeth MARTIN Metz.(Amherst)

Born 1837 Cheektowaga, NY to John B. & Fanny BAKER Campbell. Married 1869 Mary A. WELLOCK, born Troy, NY 1842, daughter of John & Elizabeth. (Cheektowaga)

Born PA 1812. To Erie Co., NY 1824. Died 1875. Married Fanny BAKER, born Lancaster Co., PA, 1815. Died 1875. One child Jerome. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1833 Erie Co., NY Married Eliza PATTERSON, born Wyoming Co., NY. Two children. (Marilla)

CARR, James
Born 1817 Clarence, NY to Francis (of VT) & Catherine (of PA) FITE Carr . Married 1843 Eliza BROWN (1820-1863) Children; Bartlett, Laney L., Harrison, Philo V. & Elizabeth. Married #2, March 18, 1864, Rachel HEINE of Germany. Children; Geo., Wm., Mary J. & Catherine. (Tonawanda)

CHASE, Frank E.
Born June 10, 1896 Lockport, Niagara Co., NY to Lewiw E. Chase. Married 1881 Harriet GOODWIN, daughter of John. Children; John & Alice. (Tonawanda)

CHRIST, Gottlieb C.
Born Dec. 18,1839 Germany to Bartholemew Christ. To US 1865. Married 1864 Catherine SCHAEFER, born Germany 1837. Children; C.H., Gottlieb F., Caroline MYERS, Etta PIGOTT, Rosie, Emma & Carrie. (Tonawanda)

CLARK, Irving D.
Born Concord, NY Feb. 7, 1858.  (Buffalo)

CLARK, Milton
Born March 10, 1848 Waterford, NY to Alanson (died 1884) & Abasha (died1891) KINCH Clark. Married 1867 Chloe M. PECK, daughter of Silas Peck. One child; Ellen CHRIST. (Collins)

Born Buffalo, NY to Henry & Bridget Collins from Ireland in 1850.  (Buffalo)

Born Providence, RI 1805. To Erie Co., NY 1823. Died 1882. Married Mary MOYER of PA. 1829. Children: (8) (see LUTES) (Amherst)

Born 1797 in VT. To Erie Co., NY 1828. Married 1825 Lydia BEAL of Wayne Co., NY (1805-1854). Seven children. (Alden)

COOK, John H.
Born 1844 Germany. to Erie Co., NY 1850. Married 1874 Mary A. GOODMAN born Erie Co., NY 1855. One daughter, Hatty M. (Alden)

COOK, Van Rensseler R.
Born Aug. 16, 1820 Dutchess Co., NY to Lewis & Hannah DARLING (Tonawanda)

COOPER, LaFayette
Born 1824 Erie Co., NY. Married 1848 Frances KIDDER, born VT. 1828. Six children. (Lancaster)

Born May 11, 1832 in Aurora. Capt. Artillary 1863. Lt. Col. 1864. Col. 98th Reg. Aug. 1864-1865. (East Aurora)

Born 1823 Concord, Erie Co., NY to Levinus (1790-1878) & Louisa WHEAT Cornwall. Married 1855 Martha J. WETHERLOW born 1822 Seneca Co., NY to Samuel & Lavina DAILY Wetherlow. (Sardinia)

Born Dec. 19, 1826 in Sardinia NY. Married April 30, 1848 Chaistine METCALF of Sardinia. Moved to Aurora 1850. (East Aurora)

CRAFT, Wilber H.
Born Westchester Co., NY, Nov. 11, 1871 to John S. & Mary E. HATFIELD Craft. Married July 11, 1894 to Allie Florence ROBBINS of Watertown, NY  (Buffalo)

Born 1806 Cayuga Co., NY. Died 1859. Married 1831 Sarah, born Clarence, NY 1810. Three children. (Clarence)

CRAMER, John W. Capt.
Born 1830 Canada to Wm. of NJ (1787-1880) & Mary of VT (1792-1844) Cramer. Married 1859 Maria COTTIER of Erie Co., NY. Children; Robert W., Helena K., John W., Mary L., Oscar & Alonzo. (Tonawanda)

Born 1827 Cattaraugus Co., NY. Married 1849 Persis RODGERS born Wyoming Co., NY 1827. Children; Alvina A., Lucian D., Delbert P. & Edwin F. (Akron)

Born in Amherst, NY 1848. Son of George (1805-1865) & Dorothy RUSSELL Cretsenger, (born Alsace 1805) Married 1874 Mary KUMIER ,b. 1856 Amherst, NY (Amherst)

Born Dec. 30, 1844 Milton VT. to Geo. W. & Vernona O. CROWN, daughter of Echan Crown. Married 1868 Adelaide I. BROUGHTON, daughter of Amos. (Tonawanda)

Born April 5, 1842 Sandy Hook, KY to Henry & Mary GEE Cunningham of Ireland. Married 1869 Hannah MAYNE, born 1846 Prussia. Children; Fred Wm. & John. (Tonawanda)

Born 1842 Sardinia, Erie Co., NY to Caleb & Cynthia BRIGGS Cutler. Married 1864 Abbie TALBOT born 1841 Cattaraugus Co., NY. (Holland)

Born VT. Died 1876. Married Cynthia BRIGGS of RI. Children; Asher, Elizabeth & Beattie E. who married E.W. CASEY (Holland)

Born 1849 Clarence, NY to George & Mary SCHEFTER Daigler. Married 1874, Mary SMITH, born 1852 Amherst, NY. Children; three sons & five daughters. (Cheektowaga)

Born Alsace 1806. To Erie Co., NY 1877. Married 1833 Mary SCHEFTER, born 1810 & died 1873. Five children. (Cheektowaga)

DART, Moses
Born June 4, 1840 Hamburg, NY to Moses Dart of VT. Married July 4, 1876, Abby KNAPP, daughter of Henry Knapp. (Hamburg)

Born 1799 England. To US 1843. Married 1829 Sarah MORGAN born 1799 England. Children; David, Wm. & Sarah. (Akron)

DeGOFF, James H.
Born Jan. 22, 1834 Dewitt, Onondaga Co., NY. Married May 4, 1859 Mary SIMSON. Children; Louis A., Lydia & Legrand L. (Tonawanda)

DIEDRICH, Christian
Born 1834 Germany to Charles & Louisa ABRAHAMER Diedrich. Married 1859 Dorothy WOLGAST. Ten children. (Tonawanda)

Born 1841 Germany to Charles & Louisa ABRAHAMER Diedrich. Married 1867 Caroline RIEBE of Prussia. Five children. (Tonawanda)

Born Nov. 24, 1826 in Germany. Married Caroline BRAMER May 21, 1876. Came to Aurora 1876. (East Aurora)

DODGE, Alvan
Born in Colchester CT. 1782. Came to Erie Co., NY 1810. Died 1846. Wife, Mary BLOUT, born in Herkimer Co., NY 1784. Died 1868. Children; two sons & four daughters. (Amherst)

DODGE, Henry W.
Born in Erie Co., NY 1850. Married 1874 Mary E. RICHARDSON. Children; Charlotte & Harriet. Parents of Mary E.; Thomas B. & Harriet M. CASWELL Richardson of Erie Co., NY (Amherst)

DODGE, J. Wayne
Born in Buffalo, NY Nov. 11, 1812. Son of Alvan & Mary BLOUT. Married #1 Charlotte HULL, died 1864. Children; Leonard, Henry W., Alvan (a physician during Civil War and resides in Kansas), Alma & Mattie E. Married #2 Maria A. SICKLER of Clarence, NY in 1865. Children; John Arthur Dodge. (Amherst)

DORST, John V.
Born April 23, 1823 Germany, to Johanes Dorst. To Erie Co., NY 1841. Married 1847, Sophronia ZIEGLER. Children; Julia Ann, Wm., Henry & Helena. (Hamburg)

DOTY, Geo. G.
Born Hartford, CT April 1, 1862 to Cornelius B. & Rebecca Doty. Died 1888 at Sparrow's Point, MD..age 56 years. Married March 10, 1892 Nellie J. BOYLEN of Elmira, NY.  (Buffalo)

Born Nov. 15, 1802 Onondaga Co., NY. Married 1827 Lucy WAITE of VT. She died 1868. Children; Amanda L. & Roswell. Married #2 Nov. 23, 1868, Anna BACON, 1804-1882. Married #3 April 1883. (Tonawanda)

DRUGE, Uriah
Born 1852 Clarence, NY. Married 1882 Ruhama DILLA born OH 1859. (Clarence)

Born 1814 Amherst, NY, to Malcom & Annis MOORE Dunn. Married 1841 Mary HITCHCOCK, born Buffalo, NY 1821. Children; (4 of 6) Sarah, Clarence L., Annis C. & Mary F. Malcom Dunn 1780-1823, born MS. Annis Moore 1724-1823, born CT. Married 1804. Eight children. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1839 Cheektowaga, NY to Appolos (1803-1880) & Catherine, of Alsace. Married 1841 Margaret BUB, born Baveria , daughter of Henry & Barbara Bub of Germany to Niagara Co., NY 1847. Children; Tillie M. & Arthur G. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1813 Holland To Erie Co., NY 1849. Married 1853 Catherine STELMSMA of Holland. Children; Sarah, Garret, Frances, Yme, Delia, Flora, Peter, Frank & Jane. (Lancaster)

EDMONDS, Horace M.
Born Nov. 3, 1858 Edinburgh, Scotland to John G. Edmonds. Married 1888 Lucy P. MURRAY, daughter of Dr. W.D. Murray. Children; 1 son & 1 daughter. (Tonawanda)

Born 1815 Genesee Co., NY. Married 1867 Isabel LOONEY, born Alden, NY 1848. One child. (Alden)

Born in PA. To Williamsville 1831 as a child. Studied law in 1851 in Tonawanda. Admitted to the bar in Michigan in 1861. (Amherst)

Born 1838 Erie Co., NY, to Joseph & Mary DEBOLD, of Germany. Married 1861 Margaret ANDREWS. One child; Elle born 1863. Joseph (1794-1878), & Mary (1796-1862). (Tonawanda)

Born Aug. 4, 1861 in Buffalo, NY to Edw. J. & Margaret HELFINGER. Edw. J. born Vienna and came to Buffalo, NY 1847. Edw. A. married 1888 to Harriet PECK of New Haven, CT.  (Buffalo)

EISS, Samuel
Born 1850 Hamilton Co., NY. Married 1876 Helen LANENGER, born Lancaster, NY 1856. Children; Martha O. & Henry W. (Alden)

Born 1823 Clarence, NY to Almon (died 1842) & Hannah (died 1877) BAKER Eldred. Married 1844 Ann Eliza BILYARD born Onondaga Co., NY 1825, daughter of Edw. & Martha Bilyard. One daughter married to W.F. BOLAND of WS. (Tonawanda)

Born 1845. Married 1867 Adaline MORELL born 1849. Both born Erie Co., NY. Seven children. (Marilla)

ELY, Enoch Selden
Born 1810 Sharon CT. to Israel & Eunice NOYES Ely. Married 1860 Mary WIPPERMAN. She died 1863. One child. Married #2, 1875 Elizabeth MILLER, daughter of Daniel of PA & Rebecca Miller, of Canada. Children; Emma & Grace. Israel Ely of New London Co., CT., 1771-1855. Eunice NOYES Ely, 1768-1860. (Cheektowaga)

ENGLE, Albert A.
Born Sybertsville PA, Nov. 15, 1856. Married April 5, 1881 to Anna M. SCHRECK of Hazelton, PA.   (Buffalo)

ENSMINGER, Christian
Born April 29, 1848 Tonawanda, NY to Geo. Ensminger & Magdalena SCHEAR Ensminger. Married 1881 Caroline HOHN, daughter of Geo. & Magdelena. Children; Julia, Rose & George. (Tonawanda)

Born 1814 Germany to Conrad Ensminger. To US 1833. Married Magdelena SCHEAR, daughter of Andrew. Geo. died Oct. 8, 1891. Magdalena died June 25, 1892. Siblings of Geo; Charles, Christian & Caroline. (Tonawanda)

ERNST, Charles
Born Mecklenburg Germany 1828. Came to Erie Co., NY in 1853 with parents Charles & Catherine Ernst. Married 1853 Sophia LUPMANN born Germany 1829. Children; Charles, Mary & John.(Amherst)

Born 1818 PA. Married 1837 Catherine RHODES born PA 1813. Ten children. (Clarence)

Born 1826 PA. Married 1850 #1 Anna HERSHEY (died 1862) Married 1863 #2, Catherine DESSING b. PA 1825. Three children. (Clarence)

Born 1841 Clarence, NY. Married 1864 Mary LEWIS born Ontario Co., NY 1835. Children; Ada J., Edwin L., Alice C. & Mary E. (Clarence)

EVANS, Ralph
Born 1829 Manchester, Hartford Co., CT. to Levi (died 1861) & Marilla W. Evans. Married Elizabeth STANTON, daughter of Wm. Children; Elwin & Linda. (Brant)

Born 1835 Alden, NY. Married 1866 Jennie M. PATTERSON, born Wyoming Co., NY 1844. One child. (Alden)

FALING, David R.
Born in Erie Co. Dec. 9, 1819, to Richard & Catherine ZIMMERMAN Faling. Married 1852 Mary GRIGGS of Steuben Co., NY. Four children; Matthew L., Archibald, Truman M. & Ulysses Grant. Richard Faling born Montgomery Co., NY 1787, To Erie Co., NY 1817. Died 1867. Married 1813 Catherine Zimmerman (1793-1867). (Tonawanda)

FALING, Jeremiah Born in Montgomery Co., NY 1815, to Richard & Catherine Faling, who came to Erie Co., NY 1817. Jeremiah married 1838 Emeline ZIMMERMAN born in Herkimer Co., NY 1821, daughter of Wm. & Mary Zimmerman. Children; (six of nine) Hezekiah, Chas. H., Richard E., Wm. H., Adaline Z. and Horace who enlisted in Co. H, 49th Reg. 1861, died in MD 1862. (Tonawanda)

FENTON, Elbridge G.
Born 1839 Greene Co., NY to Thomas W. Fenton. Never married. Sisters; Dama & Emma. (Brant)

Born Feb. 11, 1844 Baveria Germany. To US in Aug., 1848. Married May 3, 1870 Carrie HEIM, of Amherst. He served 3 years 6 days in Co. M, 11th NY Calvary; Swormsville, NY. (Amherst)

FISCHER, Gustav A.
Born Ruhla, Saxony, Germany, Aug. 30, 1865 to August & Lisetta DEUSING Fischer. Married April 1890 to Emma LANAHAN of Syracuse, NY  (Buffalo)

Born 1838 Germany. To US 1853. Married 1867 Charlotte CASTLE born Clarence, NY 1844. Children; Libbie & Fred. (Clarence)

Born 1830 Amherst, NY to George (died 1875) & Rachael (died 1880) LONG Fogelsonger, of PA. Married 1851 Nancy A. LONG, born 1834, daughter of Joseph & Mary Long. (Amherst)

Born in Amherst, NY 1810, to John (1770-1858) and Maria (died 1821) of Lancaster PA. Married 1831 Catherine REID (born 1811 PA.) Children; (8 of 12), Fanny, Catherine, Jane, David, Betsy, Susie, Henry & Emmanuel. (Amherst)

Born 1827 Genesee Co., NY. Married 1846 Clarissa STRICKLAND, she died 1870. Married 1870 Lydia Ann CARPENTER, born Erie Co., NY 1832. 2 adopted children. (Marilla)

Born 1851 Germany to Fred & Elizabeth. Married 1878 Caroline ENSMINGER, born Erie Co., NY 1853, daughter of Geo. & Lanie. Two children. (Tonawanda)

FRICK, Christian
Born in Lancaster, PA April 12, 1794 and came to Erie Co. 1812. Married 1818 Elizabeth LONG later lived with son-in-law Tobias WITMER Esq. (Amherst)

Born in PA 1810. Died Feb. 5, 1860. Son of Christian Frick. Married 1830 Susan SCHENCK (born 1809 in Dauphin Co., PA.) daughter of Michael (1772-1844) & Catherine (1772-1861)ELIBAEGER Schenck of PA., came to Erie Co., NY 1821. Children of Michael & Catherine; (3 of 11) Susan Frick, Veronica SNYDER & Jacob. (Amherst)

FRIES, Jacob
Born July 7, 1827 Germany to Jacob (1799-1876) & Catherine (1799-1872) FISHER Fries. Married April 16, 1850 Elizabeth WOLF, born Germany Feb. 28, 1828. Children (4 of 5) Geo., Louisa, Elizabeth & Catherine. (Tonawanda)

FRIES, George
Born 1851 Erie Co., NY to Jacob & Elizabeth, of Tonawanda, NY. Married 1876 Elizabeth MUCK born 1844, daughter of Phillip & Elizabeth Muck. (Tonawanda)

FRIES, John Adam
Born Oct. 4, 1840 Erie Co., NY to Peter (born 1804) & Magdalena (born 1811) PIERSON Fries. Married 1864 Eva PIRSON born 1843 Erie Co., NY. (Tonawanda)

FRIES, Peter
Born in Tonawanda, NY 1834. Son of Peter & Magdalena PIERSON of France, daughter ofPhillip & Catherine Knoche. Married 1859 Catherine KNOCHE, born 1838 in Tonawanda, NY. Children; Wm. M., Louisa, Caroline, Henry, Wm. J., & Clara. (Tonawanda)

Born Sept. 6, 1850 Alsace. To US Sept. 1851. Married 1873 Katherine ARNITZ. Children; Clara, Rosa & Eugenia. (Amherst)

GALLUP, George
Born Clarence, NY 1820 to Asa (1792-1881) & Laura (died 1834) POND Gallup. Married 1842 Louisa M. BOYER, born Newstead, NY 1819, daughter of John & Olive SMITH Boyer. (Clarence)

GATES, Godfrey
Born 1825 Alsace to Jacob & Margaret HAHN Gates. To Wyoming Co., NY 1840. To Erie Co., NY 1868. Married 1846 Christina SMITH, of Wyoming Co., NY. She died 1867. Three sons & three daughters. Married #2, 1867, Esther Anna MAYER, born Baden Germany 1846, daughter of Jacob & Catherine HALO Mayer. Seven children. Jacob Gates married #2, after 1828, Sarah PHILLIPS, born Alsace 1829. (Cheektowaga)

Born Westbrook ME, Jan. 20, 1846 to Tobias & Sarah EVANS Gibson. Married Oct. 12, 1867 to Hattie C. WEBB of NH.   (Buffalo)

Born 1852 Shetland Isles to J.B. & Ann JANE of Scotland. Married Nov. 1878 Mary CAMPBELL of Niagara Co., NY. (Tonawanda)

Born 1849 Germany to Adam & Mary A. Gossman. Married 1872 Josephine HOUCK born 1850 Jefferson Co., NY. Five children. (Tonawanda)

GRAF, Jacob
Born in Germany 1817, to John & Charlotte DORST Graf. Married 1842 Mary WAGNER (born PA 1821). Children; (8 of 11) Elizabeth 1843, Henry 1846, Anna 1848, Charlotte 1849, Geo. S. 1854, Maria 1856, Jacob 1862 & Catherine 1864. (Wendelsville, Niagara Co.)

GRAHAM, Charles
Born 1814 Hudson, NY to Curtis Graham of CT. Married 1847, Elizabeth AMES, daughter of Stephen Ames. Children; Spencer & Rachel STORRS. (Hamburg)

Born 1822 Cortland, NY. To Erie Co., NY 1869. Married 1846 Maryette PECKAM, born Cortland, NY 1827. Six children. (Akron)

GREIS, Jacob M.
Born 1859. Married 1878 Amelia P. NAURET, born 1856. Children; Henry N. & Oscar N. (Lancaster, NY)

GROVE, Peter
Born in Williamsville, NY, Oct. 21, 1847, to Peter and Jane Grove. (Amherst)

Born in Amherst, NY, Dec. 27, 1842. Enlisted 1863 in Co. C., 98th NY Vols., served 90 days. (Amherst)

Born in Williamsville, NY 1829, to John (died 1852) & Betsy CARR (1790-1863) Grover. Married 1853 Harriet DRIESBACH, born 1832 Erie Co., NY. Children; Wm. D., LaFayette L. & Edward B. (Amherst)

GRUEN, Louis
Born 1843 Heidleburg, Germany to Henry & Philippena Gruen. Married 1868 Anna BOLLIER of Niagara Co., NY. Children; Anna, Catherine & Clara. (Tonawanda)

GUNN, Aaron
1790-1834. Married Philinda STRATTON 1805-1848. Children; Spencer C., Jefferson S., Cyrenius C., & Cornelius C., (died age 24 years). (Clarence)

GUNN, Jefferson S.
Born 1844 Darien, Genesee Co., NY to Aaron D. & Philinda STRATTON Gunn. Married 1848 Emeline REARICK, born Alden, NY 1825, died March 23, 1876. Married #2 in 1877, Caroline ZIMMER born 1829 OH, daughter of Gideon & Catherine Zimmer of Franklin Co., PA. (Clarence)

Born 1831 England to Wm. (1775-1871) & Rachel (died 1856) Haskell of England. To CT. 1832. Married 1855 Sarah E. HEACOCK, born 1838, Buffalo, NY., died 1876, daughter of Manson & Elizabeth WOOD Hascock from England. Children; Hiram M., Alvin W., Carrie S., Hattie E. & John C. (Lancaster, NY)

Born 1837 Erie Co., NY. Married 1863 Emily GRIMES, born Livingston Co., NY 1841. Five children. (Akron)

Born 1832 Yorkshire, Eng. To US 1854. Married Anna, born Eng. 1833. Children; John T., Lillian M., Charles C. & Florence M. (Tonawanda)

Born 1807 in Canada, to Peter (d. 1819)& Mary KAUFFMANN Hershey (both born in Lancaster Co., PA). To Erie Co., NY 1812. Married 1842 Anna DRIESBACH (1806-1872). Children; Franklin P. & Mary M. (Amherst)

Born Canada 1809. Died may 13, 1882. Married 1832 Elizabeth, born Canada 1813. To Erie Co., NY 1816. Two children. (Clarence)

HICKOK, Robert C.
Born Oswego, NY March 25, 1839. Married Oct. 16, 1872 to Persis W. PUTMAN of Tioga, PA.  (Buffalo)

Born in Williamsville, NY, Feb. 22, 1866, to Amos & Maria BALL Hinkley, both English by birth. Married Mary A. LEE 1883. (Amherst)

Born 1835 Mecklenburg, Germany. To US 1849. Married 1867 Mary NICE (born Erie Co., NY 1845). Seven children. (Tonawanda)

Born 1848. Married 1872 Nellie A. BLASDELL 1852-1881. Both born Erie Co., NY Children; Homer & Geo. E. (Marilla)

Born in Wirtemburg, Germany 1831. To Erie Co., NY 1834. Son of Christopher & Rebecca HOFMEISTER Married Beina HENPERMAN of Germany. She died in 1872. Children; Catherine & Wm. Married #2, Caroline SMITH 1874. She died Aug. 1882. Children; Benia, Flora & Peter. (Amherst)

HOLWAY, Joseph R.
Born 1829 Ireland. To US 1848. Married 1847 Ellen NAGLE born Ireland 1830, died 1878. Seven children. Married 1880 Margaret SANOTT (1850-1880)of Genesee Co., NY (Tonawanda)

Born Amherst, NY 1826. Married 1852 Jane NELSON 1833-1868 born NJ. Five children; Frank, Emily, Nelson, Elsworth & Elda. Married #2 1869 Ellen FETTERMAN born 1845 in Niagara Co., NY. Children; Minnie & Charles. (Amherst)

HOOVER, Henry S.
Born Yates Co., NY 1805. Son of John & Barbara Hoover (born PA) To Erie Co. NY, 1825. Married 1824 Permelia TAYLOR, born NJ 1807, died 1880. Children; Wm. H., Maria, Geo. W. & John. (Amherst)&(Niagara Co.)

HOPKINS, Timothy A.
Born in Amherst, NY 1806. Son of Timothy S. 1776-1853 (born in Great Barrington, Mass.) & Nancy Ann KERR Hopkins born in Monmouth Co., NJ, died in Amherst, NY, 1848 (Married 1805). Timothy A., married Feb. 5, 1831, wife #1, Hannah WILLIAMS born in Oneida Co., NY, April 19, 1810. Died April 9, 1856. Married Aug. 15, 1866, wife #2, Elvina SAWTELL born in Erie Co., NY, July 24, 1833. Died Nov. 30, 1870. One child. Married 1873, wife #3, Elizabeth OSWALD born in Erie Co., NY, Dec. 1, 1845. One daughter, Florence. (Amherst)

HOYER, Frederick F., MD
Born 1822 Herkimer Co., NY. Married 1846 Pauline TOWN. Children; Emma T., Minard T. & Josephine. (Tonawanda)

HUFF, James B.
Born 1857 Erie Co., NY, to David & Catherine of Schoharie Co., NY. Married Dec. 21, 1881 Etta M. LONG born Erie Co., NY Oct. 24, 1862 (Tonawanda)

Born Tonawanda, NY 1851 (Tonawanda)

Born Rensselaer Co., NY 1819. To Erie Co., NY 1816. Married 1845 Eliza PARKER born Rensselaer Co., NY 1821. Children; Margaret, Caroline, Warren & Ellen. (Clarence)

Born 1833 Lancaster, NY to Rev. John & Hannah HEBORN Hutchinson of Yorkshire England. Married 1862 Elizabeth MORTON, born Clarence, NY 1840. Children; May, Emma, Jessie & Morton. (Lancaster, NY)

IRR, Victor
Born Oct. 22, 1832 France to John B. & Mary A. SCHOTTRE of France. Settled in Williamsville, NY with Michael Irr, his uncle. (Amherst)

Born England Sept. 24, 1866. To US 1868.  (Buffalo)

JOHNSON, Sheldon
Born 1818 CT. to Daniel & Mehitable HUNTLEY Johnson of CT. Married 1844 Eliza Van STENBURGH, of Dutchess Co., NY. She died 1869. Married Dec. 1869 F.M. JOYCE. Child; Hiram S., born 1872. (Tonawanda)

Born 1866 in Tonawanda, NY to Isadore & Katherine BULING of Canada. Married LouisaRUPP Children; three sons & four daughters. (Tonawanda)

KAST, George
Born Nov. 19, 1842 Hamburg NY to George Kast. Married 1869 Catherine KELLER, daughter of Martin Keller of Boston MS. One child. (Hamburg)

KAST, Peter
Born Jan. 12, 1847 Hamburg, NY to Henry Fred Kast. Married 1880, Catherine STANLER. One child. (Hamburg)

KENT, James Randolph
Born Jan. 25, 1849 Grand Island, NY to John Warren & Mary Ellen WINTERMOOT. Married 1876 Maria N. CARROLL, daughter of Wm. & Elizabeth FAYLES, Carroll. Children; Alexander R., John W., Elizabeth & Harold E. Elizabeth FALES, Carroll born 1819 Buffalo, NY, daughter of Henry & Maria UNDERWOOD Fales. (Tonawanda)

KENT, John Warren
Born Oct. 17, 1818 Rome, Oneida Co., NY to Warren Kent. Married 1839 Mary Ellen WINTERMOOT (d. 1884) of Canada. Children; John W., Imogene GARDNER, Charity, James Randolph, Morris, Geo., Joseph, Frank & Charles. (Tonawanda)

KESTER, Benjamin
Born Nov. 1, 1817 Boston, NY to John & Deborah CARPENTER Kester. Married 1841 Julia BUNTING, daughter of Levi Bunting. Married #2, Almeda HOAG. One son Perry. Married #3, J. DUNCAN. Children; Leon H., Genevieve & Stewart B. (Boston)

KIBLER, Charles F.
Born Nov. 27, 1852 Erie Co., NY to Godfrey (1811-1859) & Elizabeth (1815-1880) STRIKER Kibler, both of Germany. (Tonawanda)

KIBLER, Christian H.
Born Nov. 30, 1837 Erie Co., NY to Godfrey & Betsey Kibler. Married Julia G. HUMBERT. Children; Emma, Mary & Eugene. (Tonawanda)

KIRBY, Abram S.
Born 1848 to Howland & Amy TUCKER Kirby. Married Edith J. BYRON, daughter of H.H. Byron from England 1828. Children; Frank A. & Mabel E. (Brant)

KIRBY, Charles C.
Born 1823 Scipio NY to Silas & Deborah CRAPO of MS. Married 1846 Patience G. SISSON, born 1824. Children; Charles W., Alice J. & Carrie May. Charles W. married 1883 Estella LEACH. (North Collins )

KIRBY, Howland S.
Son of Silas & Deborah Kirby from Dartmouth MS. 1828. Married Amy TUCKER, daughter of Abram Tucker. Howland died 1884. Children; Ambrose, Everett, Dora & Abram S. (Brant)

KLINE, John H.
Born Oct. 17, 1841 Erie Co., NY. Married 1875 Martha J. BROWN. Children; Wallace, James, George, Wm., Clara & Mabel. (Amherst)

Born in Germany 1827 to Henry A. (born 1800 Germany) & Elizabeth BOYER (born 1806 Germany) Married Dorothy WITTENBAGER in 1858. Born Germany 1830, daughter of John & Caroline Wittenbager. To Erie Co., NY 1850. Niagara Co., NY 1837. (Wendleville)

Born December 20, 1858 in Amherst NY. Married Wilhelmine KNOCHE in 1892. (Amherst)

Born 1831 Lancaster, NY. Married 1853 Mary Ann AMANN, born Germany 1832. Seven children. (Lancaster, NY)

Born 1843 Germany. To Erie Co., NY 1865. Married 1871 Theresa SNYDER, born Germany 1841. Child; Mary. (Lancaster, NY)

Born 1850 Germany to Geo. J. & Catherine of Germany. Married 1875 Louisa KOENIG, daughter of Henry & Sophia Koenig of Baden. Three children. (Tonawanda)

KOHLER, Charles
Born 1816 France to Charles & Sophia. Married 1846 Catherine GARNEY of Germany. Three children. (Tonawanda)

KOCH, Robert L.
Born 1829 Germany to Martin L. Koch. Married 1852 Elizabeth KIBLER. Seven children. (Tonawanda)

KUHN, Geo. B.
Born Williamsville, NY July 7, 1872 to Joseph (native of Switzerland) and Mary PHILLIPS Kuhn. (Amherst)

KUHN, Joseph
Born in Switzerland. Died October 15, 1893. Married #1 Miss BUMGARDNER. Child; Jacob. Married #2 Mary HOLLAR. Child; Joseph. Married #3 Mary P. PHILLIPS. Children; Henry, Geo. B., John, Albert, Rose, Clara & Ella. (Amherst)

KURTZ, Charles
Born 1823 Baveria. To Erie Co., NY 1830. Married 1849 Barbara WALTERIN. She died 1879. Three children. Married #2, 1872, Jacobina, born Baveria 1833. (Lancaster, NY)

LANDEL, Frederick
Born 1831 Germany to Phillip (died 1873)& Phillipine (died 1852) Landel. Married 1858 Catherine KLINGENSCHMITH Born Niagara Co., NY 1838. Nine children. (Tonawanda)

LAPP, Benjamin
Born Clarence, NY March 11, 1842, to John and Barbara KURTZ Lapp, natives of PA. who came to Clarence in 1828. Married Emma HOOVER. Children; Henry, Mrs. Charles SEARS of Bowmansville, NY, Mrs. C.O. CHESTER M.D. of Buffalo, NY, Emma and Mabel. (Amherst)

Born Gratiot Co., MI. Married Sept. 10, 1891 to Anna GIBSON of Buffalo, NY.  (Buffalo)

Born Cherry Creek, Chautauqua Co., NY Sept. 12, 1869.  (Buffalo)

Born 1862 Tonawanda, NY to Conrad & Jennie (born St. Catherine's Canada) GOODWINLawson, daughter of Geo. (born Spain 1807) & Ann (born NJ 1804) Goodwin. (Tonawanda)

LAWTON, E. Henry
Born Jan. 31, 1829 North Collins to John (died 1850) & Eunice KIMBALL. Married 1840 Lydia M. SISSON, born 1829, daughter of Wm. Sisson. Children; Clarence F. 1853, Wm. S. 1860, & Florence 1866 TAYLOR. Clarence F. married 1881 Ella SPERRY, daughter of Dr. M.M. Sperry of Monroe Co., NY. (Collins)

Born in Amherst, Erie Co., NY, 1835, to Joseph (1808-1874) & Caroline BOOMAN Leffler (d.1806) b. Germany. Married Theresa WITTNAUR (born 1843 Amherst, NY) April 10, 1862. Ten children; six sons & four daughters. (Amherst)

Born 1828 Clarence, NY. Married 1853 to Margaret MOYER born 1833 Erie Co., NY. Four children. Mary Moyers' father came to Black Rock in 1811. (Clarence)

Born 1829 Alsace. To Erie Co., NY 1847. Married 1852 Barbara KABLE of Erie Co., NY. 1828-1858. Children; Helen & Barbara. Married #2 in 1860, Margaret KABLE, born Germany 1825. Children; Elizabeth, Anna, Michael & Amelia. Margaret & Barbara daughters of Michael & Margaret Kable from Germany 1828. (Lancaster, NY)

Born 1828 Alsace to Henry & Margaret WEBER Leininger of Alsace. Married 1857 Rosena SUFEST, born 1833, Buffalo, NY. Children; John, George, Andrew, Barbara, Rosa, Louisa & Catherine. (Lancaster, NY)

Born in Williamsville and married Miss LUMING of Amherst, NY. (Amherst)

LONG, Abraham
Son of John & Nancy BOWMAN Long. Came to US from Canada 1812. Married Martha KOCH, died 1886. Abraham died 1872. (Amherst)

LONG, Christian
Born June 17, 1795 in Lancaster PA. To Erie Co., NY 1808. Son of John and Mary HERSHEY Long. Married 1822 Margaret HOIL (1800-1878). Children; four sons & five daughters. (Amherst)

LONG, David
1818/19-1883 Born in Erie CO., NY. Married in 1840/41 to Mary MILLER Born Dauphin Co., PA 1818/20. Children; Henry M., Esther S., Mary E., John D., Elias A., Daniel B., Susan C., Annie M., David N., Benjamin G. MD, Eli H. MD.(Amherst)

LONG, David N.
Born Amherst, NY 1857 to David and Mary MILLER Long. Married 1880 Mary A. LANDIS ,born PA 1854, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Landis.(Amherst)

LONG, Howard
Born May 20, 1871 Amherst, NY to Abraham & Martha KOCH Long. Married 1892 Charlotte DRIESBACH. One son Harry D. (Amherst)

LONG, Henry G.
Born Lancaster, PA Aug. 23, 1908 to Jacob Long. Father of Jacob: Nicholas born Zweibrucken, Germany. Jacob Long 1760-1842, was Sgt. in Am. Rev. (Amherst)

LONG, John 1756-1838. Married Mary HERSHEY 1763-1856. Both of PA. To Canada 1804, to Amherst, NY 1808. Children; four sons & five daughters. (Amherst)

LONG, John D.
Born in Erie Co., NY, 1847 to David & Mary MILLER Long. Married 1874 to Sarah MILLER, born 1846 in Erie Co., NY.(Amherst)

LONG, Joseph
Born 1823. Son of Christian. Married Susan REAM August 17, 1845. Children; fivr sons & three daughters. (Amherst)

LUTZ, Abraham
Married Eva (PA 1797-1821). One child; John. Abraham married #2 1824, Catherine WAYLAND of Lancaster, PA (1808-1853) (Amherst)

LUTZ, John
Born Petersburg, PA March 1816, to Abraham (died 1876) and Eva (1797-1821) Lutes. Married 1853 to Elizabeth COLVIN, born 1829 in Black Rock, Erie Co., NY. Daughter of Hanan & Mary MOYER Colvin. Children; Ella A. 1853, Mary L. 1855, Eva E. 1856, Fanny F. 1857, John A. 1859 & Emma L. 1861. (Amherst)

Born 1857 St. Johns, MI. To Erie Co., NY 1864. Married 1876 Marion E. LITTLE born 1856 Erie Co., NY. Child; Lulu M. (Akron)

Born 1857 St. Johns, MI. To Erie Co., NY 1864. Married 1876 Marion E. LITTLE born 1856 Erie Co., NY. Child; Lulu M. (Akron)

Born 1811 in Adams Co., PA., to John (born Ireland 1773, died PA 1861)& Catherine COSSETT (PA 1779-1861). Married 1840 Olive GREEN (b. 1817 Hancock, Mass.) Eight children; Albert, Mary, Hattie, Emma, John M. & Alma. (Amherst)

Born Sept. 27, 1856 Buffalo, NY to Jeremiah Mahar. Married 1880 Elizabeth MARTIN, daughter of Thomas Martin. Children; Edw. J., Ray J. & Mildred P. (Tonawanda)

Born 1834 Cattaraugus Co., NY. Married 1855 Margaret ADAMS, born Erie Co., NY 1834. Child; Adolph C. (Marilla)

Born Jan. 15, 1839 Germany to Andrew & Frederika GEIGER Mausperger of Germany. Married Jan. 27, 1866 in Cleveland, OH, Catherine WAGNER, born Germany. Children; Dr. Wm. H., Catherine & Frieda. Catherine was a physician. (West Seneca)

Born April 17, 1831 Scotland to Wm. & Mary McDowell. Married July 13, 1849, Rebecca HARE of OH. Children; Wm., Ophelia R., Clayton, Ellen, Ida, Charles, Harriet & Grace. Rebecca died March 23, 1896. (West Seneca)

Born 1856 Erie Co., NY. Married 1881 Helen E. PRATT, born 1849, Erie Co., NY. (Akron)

METZ, Abram
Born in Lancaster, PA 1811, to John & Elizabeth MARTIN Metz. Came to Erie Co., NY 1829. Married 1840 Mary HALTER (1820-1882). Children; Levy W., 1841 & Edward L., 1842. Levy married 1861, Sophia MOYER, born 1836. (Amherst)

METZ, Benjamin
Born March 31, 1834 to John & Elizabeth MARTIN Metz. Married Jan. 18, 1866 Harriet STALEY. Children; Harvey, Warren & Benjamin F. (Amherst)

METZ, Christian C.
Born in Cayuga Co., NY 1827. Came to Erie Co., NY 1829. Son of John & Elizabeth MARTIN Metz. Married in 1854 to Esther N. SNEAVLY (1830-1876) of Clarence, NY. Daughter of David & Catherine BREWER Sneavly, of PA. (Both died in Erie Co., NY.) Children of Christian; Ella, Kate & Cora Ada.(Amherst)

METZ, Jacob
Born 1825 in Onondaga Co., NY to John & Elizabeth Metz who came to Erie Co., NY 1829. Married 1855 Matilda GREENE. Children; Mary M., Clara L., Annetta L., & Myron J. Matilda (born 1835 in Amherst, NY) to Alanson (born 1804 Berkshire Co., MS.) & Eliza AYER (1802-1866) Greene.

MEYER, Frederick Wm.
Born Oct. 17, 1860 Posen, Germany (only child) to Jacob & Laura MEYER. Married Caroline ROTH daughter of Peter & Mary KUHNSRoth. Children; Arthur & Evelyn. (Tonawanda)

Born in Germany 1814. To US 1852. Married 1852 Maria DOLG, born 1818 in Germany. Children: John 1855 & Charles H. 1858. (Wendelville, Niagara Co. NY)

MICHAEL, Phillip
Born in Amherst, NY 1843, to Christian (1813-1868) and Louisa SCHEVER (1815-1863). Married 1866 Elizabeth WOLF born 1846. Children; two sons & three daughters. (Amherst)

Born in Williamsville, NY, Feb. 27, 1844, to Benjamin and Susannah FULMER Miller. Married Frances DANIEL in 1885. Children; Susannah F., Ruth, Benjamin, Warren D., Grace & Edward B. Jr. (Amherst)

MILLER, Emmanuel
Born in Amherst NY 1824, to Lewis D. (died 1827) & Catherine BLOCHER (born Gettysburg, PA) (Married 2nd to John Peters). Emmanuel married July 19, 1853 Henrietta BUTTERFIELD, born Genesee Co., NY 1831. (Amherst)

MILLS, Cyrus
Born 1816 Hamburg, NY. Married 1856 Fidelia AUSTIN born Erie Co., NY 1819. Child; Alonzo W. (Marilla)

Born 1818 Canada. To Erie Co., NY 1853. Married 1841 Rosetta CRONKHITE of Canada. Four children. (Tonawanda)

MOOK, Phillip Jr.
Born 1849 Lancaster, NY. Married 1876 Eva HELWIG, born Lancaster, NY 1851. Children; Emma A., Lydia F., Caroline L. & Anna R. (Lancaster, NY)

MOON, Asher
Born 1811 VT. to Moses & Charity MILLER Moon. Married 1843 Cordelia ABEL, born 1811 VT., daughter of Wyllins & Mehitable NICHOLS. One daughter Mary, who married Francis STAGE. (Akron)

MUNCH, Frederick
Born 1836 Tonawanda to Nicholas & Christina MEYER. Married 1858 Mary KNOR b. Germany 1841, daughter of Henry & Margaret SHAVER Knor of Germany. Nine children. (Tonawanda)

MUNCH, Nicholas
Born 1807 Baubach, France. To US 1835. Married 1832 Christina MEYER, born France 1812, died 1871. Children; (4 of 9) Fred 1836, Christina 1840, Nicholas 1843 & Henry 1846. Christina married 1875 Henry LITZ of Buffalo, NY (Tonawanda)

MUNCH, Peter
Born & died France. Married Catherine (1778-1853) who came to Erie Co., NY 1835. Children; Peter (1801-1877) & Nicholas. (Tonawanda)

MYERS, Reuben Sencil
Born Feb. 24, 1839 Mountville PA. to Jacob & Anna SENCIL Myers. Married Aug. 28, 1862 Marion VANTINE of Clarence, NY Children; Henry S., Katie May & John B. (Clarence)

NAGEL, Henry
Born July 1, 1847 Germany to John (died 1874) & Ricke (died 1877) Nagel. Came to US 1854. To Erie Co., NY 1860. Married 1875, Elizabeth PONGO. One child, Lena. (West Seneca)

Born Lancaster, PA. to Daniel & Catherine HENLEY Neff. Married 1849 Rebecca RICKARD, daughter of Wm. Six children. (Tonawanda)

NEFF, Joseph
Born March 30, 1816 in Livonia, Livingston Co., NY. Married Catherine MILLER of Amherst Feb. 28, 1838. (Alden)

NICE, John
Born Oct. 13, 1813 Bavaria Germany to Phillip & Elizabeth, who came to Newstead NY 1836. Married 1844 Mary A. PFITFEWMEYER born Baveria 1826. Eleven children. (Tonawanda)

NICKLIS, Eldred E.
Born Buffalo, NY March 25, 1869 to Wm. & Lucy Elizabeth FISH Nicklis. Wm. Nicklis died March 1886..age 44years 8 months.  (Buffalo)

Born Buffalo, NY Jan. 3, 1875 to Wm. & Lucy FYSH Nicklis.  (Buffalo)

NORTON, Phoebe
Born Oct. 22, 1789 Richmond, Berkshire Co. Mass. Married Oziel SMITH. Died age 100y 4m 19d. (Amherst)

OEHM, Engelhard
Born 1835 OH to Bernhard & Christina STEPPITH of Germany. To OH. 1851. Married 1864 Catherine KOLB born Cheektowaga, NY 1841, daughter of Jacob & Rose Kolb of France. Eight children. (Lancaster, NY)

ORR, Ulysses G.
Born Buffalo, NY Oct. 15, 1864 to James G. (born Scotland) & Martha A. RISPIN Orr.  (Buffalo)

Born Oct. 1811 Hoosic ? to Hosea Ostrander of Rensselaer Co., NY. Married 1837, Tirziah GARFIELD. Children; John Z., Mary E. WELD & Vashta R. SWIFT. (Hamburg)

OTT, Louis J.
Born May 31, 1853 Cheektowaga, NY to Louis & Mary HINES Ott of Germany. Married 1880, Catherine SEABALD. Children; Louis F., Dora K., Alious, Evaline, John S. & Henrietta. (West Seneca)

Born 1839 Erie Co., NY. Married 1865 Mary Jane JOHNSON, born Newstead, NY 1846. One daughter, Harriet A. (Akron)

PARKER, Harrison G.
Born Sept. 15, 1863 North Collins, NY to Clinton (died 1865) & Rhoda S. POTTER. Married 1886 Grace L. SOUTHWICK, daughter of Job Southwick. (Collins)

Born 1815 Cayuga Co., NY to John & Asenath Parker. Married 1843 Pamelia CORNWELL, of Chenango Co., NY. She died 1867. Three children. Married 1881 Octavia A. DUTCHER. (Tonawanda)

PAYNE, Garret
Born 1824 Herkimer Co., NY to Chester & Eliza WYCKOFF Payne. Married 1848 Eliza A. STRONG, born Schenectagy Co., NY 1825, daughter of Morgan & Eleanor VETTER Strong. Chester born CT. 1792, died 1851. (Tonawanda)

Born Dec. 19, 1819 in Darien, Genesee Co., NY. Moved to Alden NY 1831. Married Elizabeth DODGE. Died June 2, 1878. (Alden)

PETERS, George
Born 1834 Erie Co., NY (1 of 16 children) to John (died 1865) & Catherine (1788-1865) BLOCHER, widow of Lewis D. MILLER. Married 1856 Elizabeth HOIL born 1837, daughter of John & Fanny REID of PA. Children; Ella 1859 & Frank G. 1863.

PFANNER, Frederick
Born 1840 Erie Co., NY to Conrad & Barbara KNOCHE. Married 1863, Margaret YOCKEY, [JACKE], born 1843. Ten children. Conrad & Barbara of Gerrmany married 1827. (Tonawanda)

PFOHL, Albert M.
Born in Amherst, NY, May 11, 1867. Married May, 1892 to Josephine FESSARA. Daughter of Prosper & Josephine BOGARDFessara. (Amherst)

PFOHL, Charles J.
Born in Amherst, NY June 13, 1860. Married 1884 Elma KIEFER . Married #2, Cora A. METZ June 18, 1896. (Amherst)

Born 1807 Monroe Co., NY to Jesse & Alice Phillips. To Erie Co., NY 1820. Married Mary BEST, born Erie Co., NY 1811. Children; Jesse A., Wm. A. & Caroline. (Tonawanda)

Born 1812 France. Died 1881. Married 1836, Eva KNOCHE, born 1816, daughter of Phillip Knoche. Children; Phillip, Wm., Emma C., Chas. A., Ada L., Emil P., Lorena, Eva & Emma L. (Tonawanda)

PIERSON, Phillip
Born Nov. 19, 1837 Tonawanda, NY, to John & Eva KNOCHE, daughter of Phillip Knoche. Married Magdalena FRIES, (Dec. 14, 1836 - Oct. 20, 1867), daughter of Peter Fries. Children; Caroline, Geo. H, John A., Maria E. & Julia. Married #2, Mary KIBLER on Dec. 28, 1868. (Tonawanda)

PLATT, Charles M.
Born March 4, 1824 in New Lisbon, Otsego Co., NY. Married Asenath A. DAYTON of Eden, NY. Moved to Alden 1847. Died Jan. 23, 1875. Children; Frank Lee, M. Louise, Nettie D. and Lewis D. (Alden)

Born 1824. Married 1852 Caroline SCHULTZ, born 1828. Both born Germany. Seven children. To US 1852 (Marilla)

Born 1809. To Williamsville, NY in 1844. Died after 1861. (Amherst)

PORTER, Cyrus K.
Born Aug. 27, 1828 Cicero, Onondaga Co., NY to Welcome & Rachel KINNE Porter. Child; Jesse R.

Born May 9, 1817 England to John Potter Sr. Married 1842, Sarah KITCHEN. Children; James, Mary A., Sarah, John, Jennie, Lucy, Wm., Nettie & George. (Hamburg)

POTTER, Joseph
Born Dec. 1, 1833 Erie Co., NY to Ruben Potter of VT. Married 1859, Julia Ann SWAIN, daughter of Daniel G. Swain. Children; Clara R. & Ada I. (Hamburg)

Born 1855 Hamburg, NY to Ruben Potter of VT. Married 1875 Ida BUXTON. Child; Herbert V. (Hamburg)

Born Aug. 11, 1818 in CT. Died in FL. March 1874. Wounded @ Gettysburg. Married 1865 Helen HUTCHINSON, born 1820, daughter of John (born 1792 CT.) & Harriet M. MARTIN (born 1793 & married 1818) Hutchinson. (Amherst)

REIST, Daniel
Born 1836 in Amherst, NY to John & Annie FRICK Reist of PA. Married 1859 to Sobrina LONG, born Amherst, NY 1836 to Christian & Margaret HOIL Long. Children; three sons & three daughters. (Amherst)

Born June 5, 1861 Tonawanda, NY. Married 1893 Catherine M. GRUEN, daughter of Louis Gruen. (Tonawanda)

Born Oct. 11, 1832 Germany, to Austin & Agnes BRENDLE. Married 1858 Minerva (Theresa)DIEBOLD (1839-1887), daughter of Anthony Diebolt. Children; John M., Edw. G., Emma E. & Ubert. Married #2 Christina MEYERS. (Tonawanda)

Born in Europe Jan. 19, 1831. Married Emma S. KOBKE 1857 in Europe. One child. Came to US 1857 to Springville, NY., Alden, NY, 1859. (Alden)

Born 1842 Concord, NY to Jeremiah Richardson. Married Aug. 3, 1870 MILLER. One child, Leroy. Jeremiah born Newport MS. 1796, died 1879. (Brant)

Born 1838 Erie Co., NY. Married 1838 Fanny BRUNCK born 1838. Four children. (Lancaster)

Born 1859 Lancaster NY. Married 1880 Lula E. BIXLEY, born 1860. Child; Edward H. (Lancaster)

Born 1832 Germany to Ignatius (1803-1873) & Laney KOEVER Rinebolt. Married Laney MICHLER, born Germany 1837. (Tonawanda)

Born 1810 West Chester, PA to Henry (1790-1876) & Elizabeth FRICK (born 1797) Rinewalt. Married 1840 Mary LEHN born Lancaster Co., PA 1820. Child; Adam L., born 1849. (Amherst)

Born 1850 Germany to Henry & Margaret ALBERTS Risius. Married 1878 Kate HARDTLEBEN, born Erie Co., NY 1857. (Tonawanda)

Born Dec. 3, 1836 Hamburg NY to Mathias Rittman. Married 1863 Kate SPITTLER, daughter of Jacob Spittler. Children; George A. & Irene. (Hamburg)

Born Pittsfield, MS June 18, 1875 to Ferdinand G. & Alice Electra PRATT Robinson. Married July 22, 1896 to Louise B. POTTER.  (Buffalo)

Born 1831 Dutchess Co., NY. Married 1857, Lucinda TRIPP. Five children. (Tonawanda)

ROGERS, Edw. H. Jr.
Born Dec. 19, 1858 Tonawanda, NY, to Edw. & Lucresia TRIPP of Syracuse, NY. Married 1881 Jennie HENSLER. One son, John M. (Tonawanda)

Born May 7, 1862 Tonawanda, NY, to Edw. & Lucresia TRIPP. Married 1891 Anna OLDENBURG. One son, Wm. J. (Tonawanda)

ROOT, Miranda
Born Feb. 2, 1808 Oneida Co., NY to Elias & Margaret ROCKWELL Root. Married 1843 Maria WOOLVER, born 1814 Amherst, NY. Elias Root born Coventry, CT., died Genesee Co., NY 1854. Margaret Root died Oneida Co., NY.

RUCKER, Matthew
Born April 16, 1868 to Jacob & Barbara Rucker from Germany. Married May 3, 1892, Katrina SCHMIDT. Children; Lucy, Leo, Anna & May. Jacob Rucker died Nov. 28, 1894. Barbara Rucker died 1886. (Boston)

RUSSELL, Charles B.
Born 1846 S. Wales, NY to Wm. C. & Calista NORTON Russell. Married Jan., 1870 Sarah RICKETTS, born 1847, daughter of Eli & Jane BLAKE Ricketts of England. (Sardinia)

Born Nov. 19, 1865 in Amherst, NY. Married April 1893, Ida CRIQUI. Son Irving Sanger. (Amherst)

Born Kingston Canada July 13, 1831. To Buffalo, NY 1832. Married June 1, 1864 to Sophia M. MOORE.   (Buffalo)

Came from Cayuga Co. NY when 4 years old. Lived in Clarence and Williamsville, NY (Amherst)

Born September 17, 1817 in France. Married 1845, Elizabeth YEAGER To USA 1847. (Alden)

Born 1811 in Dauphin Co., PA. to Michael & Catherine ELIBAERGER Shenck who came Erie Co., NY 1821. Married 1855, Mira J. BACHELDER born 1837 Concord, NH. Children; three sons & three daughters. (Amherst)

Born 1838 Germany. Married 1862 Mary IRGEL, born Erie Co., NY 1845. Eight children. (Lancaster, NY)

SCHEU, Charles
Born 1838 Baveria Germany to Solomon & Sophia Scheu. To Erie Co., NY 1873. (Lancaster, NY)

Born New York City Nov. 25, 1858.  (Buffalo)

Daughter of Wm. P. STONE. Married 1866, Charles SCHMIEDING. Niece Elizabeth PARKER. (Alden)

Born Nov. 8, 1822 Germany. To Erie Co., NY 1847. Married Aug. 12, 1849, Sophia KOHLER. Four children. (Tonawanda)

Born 1837 Germany to Frederick & Margaret of Germany. To Erie Co., NY 1854. Married 1861, Philipena DEANUEW, born Germany 1839. Six children. (Tonawanda)

Born in Baveria in 1824, came to Niagara Co., NY 1848, and Erie Co., NY 1852. Married 1852 Anna M. STEINER, born Baveria in 1831. Children; Jacob, Phillip, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Anelia and Sarah. Mary married Martin WENDEL in 1879. Elizabeth married Louis ARNES in 1878. Parents Phillip and Anna Maria SCHOLLS, of Baveria, came to Niagara Co., NY in 1848. Parents of Anna; Peter and Anna M. Steiner, of Baveria. (Wendelville)

Born in Baveria in 1829, to Erie Co. in 1844. Married 1858, Louise KASSING, born in Prussia in 1834. Children; Mary, Elizabeth, Adam, Margaret, Catherine, Loisa, Jacob P., & Anna E. Parents Jacob and Mary A. BECKMAN Schoelles, he born Baveria Jan. 3, 1805, came to Erie Co. in 1844, died in 1846, she born in Baveria, Oct. 15, 1803. (Wendelville)

Born 1824 Baveria, Germany to Conrad & Catherine (died 1856) Schumacher. To Erie Co., NY 1835. Married 1849, Charlotte ZACKEY, born France 1830 to Henry & Sophia MILLER Zackey. One child, Catherine. Conrad Sr. 1790-1875. (Tonawanda)

Born in France July 5, 1828. To US 1833. Married Theresa BACHMANN 1853. (Alden)

SCHWARTZ, Matthias
Born 1827 Strausburg. To Erie Co., NY 1833. Married 1853 Catherine MATTER. She died 1877. Children; Catherine, Josephine, Adalaide, August, Edward, Helen, Eugene & Matthias. Married #2 1879, Elizabeth NAGEL,. Children; Frances & Mary. (Lancaster, NY)

Born 1825 germany. To Erie co., NY 1840. Married 1845 Sarah KOPF of Germany, died 1852. Three children. Married #2, 1856 Susan KOPF born 1831 Germany. Three children. (Tonawanda)

SCOVILLE, Charles H.
Born Nov. 27, 1849 Mt. Morris, NY to W.B. Scoville. Married 1878 Cora ROYCE, daughter of John S. Royce. (Tonawanda)

SEIB, Jacob
Born 1816 Baveria to Geo. & Mary. Married 1840, Sophia SCHUMACHER, born 1816 Germany, daughter of Conrad & Catherine. Children; (2 of 4) Henry P. & Louise. (Tonawanda)

Born 1854 Erie Co., NY to Joseph & Madalena Seitz of France. Married 1880 Frances PFOHL born 1857. One child. (Amherst)

Born Honesdale, PA, April 17, 1850.  (Buffalo)

Born PA, Aug. 20, 1803 to Christian (died 1840) & Catherine (died May 1840) DEITZ, (13 children). Married 1844 Paulina TEACHOUT born Franklin Co., VT. 1821, to Jacob (1767-1848) & Mary MOWER (1771-1860), (12 children). Children of David & Paulina; Eliza A., Levy D. & Mary E. (Amherst)

Born Amherst, NY 1839 to Isaac & Anna BEAU (died 1872) Shisler of Lancaster PA. Married 1864 Esther S. LONG born Amherst, NY 1844. Children; (5 of 8) Sarah E., 1869, Emma, 1871, Christian B., 1874, Laura A., 1877 & Fannie E., 1879.(Amherst)

Born Springville, NY Feb. 24, 1850.  (Buffalo)

SIEHL, Henry
Born 1832 in Germany. Oldest of 8 children. Son of Martin SIEHL. To US 1852. (Alden)

SIKES, George W.
Born 1830 Evans, NY to Simeon & Elizabeth DUNTON Sikes. Married 1854 Ellen SIKES, daughter of Freeman Sikes of Manchester, VT. Child; Will F. (Hamburg)

Born May 1803 Cooperstown, Otsego Co., NY. Married 1834, Frances M. LONG, born PA Aug. 3, 1814, died March 24, 1881. Children; (4 of 8) Mary, Francis M., Josephine C. & Everett B. (Tonawanda)

Born Erie Co., NY 1853 to Wm. T. & Harriet SHELL Simson. Children; Volney of Lockport, NY, John R., Wm. B. & Hattie A. (Tonawanda)

SMILEY, Benjamin D. STEPHENS Smiley. Married 1868 Allie M. BEDELL, daughter of Norman & Amanda Bedell, of Albion, Orleans Co., NY. Child; Norman B. (Lancaster, NY)

SMITH, Charlotte
Daughter of Oziel and Phoebe NORTON Smith. Married George D. STEVENS M.D. in 1847. (Amherst)

SMITH, Frank J.L.
Born buffalo, NY July 15, 1868. Married Aug. 1893 to Christina KORZELIUS of Buffalo, NY.  (Buffalo)

SMITH, Oziel
Born April 19, 1784 Clarendon, Rutland Co., VT. Died 1836 Erie Co., NY. Married Phoebe NORTON Born Oct. 22, 1789, Richmond, Berkshire Co., MS. Died 1889. (Amherst)

SNYDER, Jacob W.
Born Dec. 22, 1831 Amherst, NY to Abraham (born 1797) & Veronica (born 1795) Snyder of PA. Married 1854 Fanny LONG, born Jan. 22, 1831, to Christian & Margaret HOIL. Children; Benjamin 1855 & John W. 1864 (Amherst)

Born 1813 Alsace to Jacob (died 1867) & Catherine (died 1851) Snyder, who came to US 1832. Married 1836 in France to Mary A. SAND (1814-1850). Married 1851 wife #2, Magdalena ZENSE born France. Children; three sons, four daughters. (Amherst)

SNYDER, Michael
Born PA 1821 to Abraham & Veronica SCHENCK Snyder of Dauphin Co., PA. To Erie Co., NY 1825. Married 1852 to Catherine HALTER, born 1830 Buffalo, NY. Eight children. (Amherst)

Born 1838 Amherst, NY to Louis & Mary Snyder. Married 1860 Magdalena BAUMGARDNER, born Amherst, NY 1842. Children; two sons & seven daughters. (Amherst)

SOEMANN, Charles J.
Born 1838 Germany to Francis J. & Theresa Soemann. Married 1863 Margaret SCHLEYER of Buffalo, NY. Children; (8 of 13) Peter, Charles, John, Joseph, Caroline, Barbara, Anna & Margaret. (Lancaster, NY)

Born Addison Co., VT. to Thomas Spaulding of VT. Married 1856, Mary A. WALL, of Janesville, WS. Child; Ella M. ROSENBLATT. (Hamburg)

Born Aug. 25, 1825 Amherst, NY to Luther & Sally STOCKER Spaulding of CT. Married Martha JOHNSON Sept. 10, 1851. Children; Calvin P. & Bertha E. Luther Spaulding to Erie Co., NY 1820 & died Sept. 23, 1860. (Amherst)

B>ST. JOHN, Julius
Born Oct. 17, 1841 in Alden, NY. Married Mariette CADY of Alden 1864. (Alden)

ST. JOHN, Loomis
Born Feb. 23, 1834 in Alden, NY. Married Helen BARNUM January 16, 1859. Five children. (Alden)

STAGE, Hiram
Born Nov. 9, 1808 in Newstead, NY. Lived MI. for 30 years. Married January 30, 1877 Martha GOSLIN, his 2nd wife. (Alden)

Born Lancaster Co., PA 1801 to Christian & Margaret Staley. Married 1846 Elizabeth REID of PA, daughter of John & Fannie LANDES Reid who came to Erie Co., NY 1823. Child of Isaac; one son who married 1872 Susan GETTY. Children of Susan; Edw. W., Ella A. & Roy Sherman Staley. (Amherst)

Married 1865 Elizabeth HUNT, born Erie Co., NY 1847. Children; James E. & Francis M. (Marilla)

Born Erie Co., NY 1851 to Andrew & Sophia of Wittenburg & Baveria, Germany. Married 1873 Amelia ADAMS. Three children. (Tonawanda)

Born 1831 Wurtemberg, Germany to Jacob & Barbara. Married 1856 Elizabeth KLINE, born Germany, died 1889. (Tonawanda)

Born Amherst, NY, Jan. 14, 1863 to Geo. & Mary MILLER Steinbrenner. Married May 10, 1888 Sophia BRITTING. Children; Clarence, Allen & Grace Ethel. (Amherst)

Born 1840 France to Peter & Lanie HIRCH Stephan of France. To US 1847. Married 1866 Salissa, born 1843 Lancaster, NY, daughter of Frank & Carberine NUVER, of France. Children; Frank, Jacob, Peter, George, Magdalene, Catherine, Mary & Rosa. (Lancaster, NY)

STEWART, Elliott W.
Born July 14, 1817 Madison Co., NY to Philetus Stewart of VT. Married 1845, Marion JAMESON of Oneida Co., NY. Children; John J., Lillian & Alvan. (Hamburg)

STOEBELL, Gregory B.
Born March 12, 1842 in Alsace. To USA 1848. Married Kunegunda SEEBALD of W. Seneca, NY in 1875 (Alden)

Born England 1785. Came to US 1820 with daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Settled in Alden 1829. (Alden)

Born July 10, 1855 in Williamsville, NY., to Henry and Catherine Summers. Married 1874 Alice SUMNEY . Children; Warren, Hattie, Grace, Cora, Alice and Edna. (Amherst)

SUTTER, George
Born 1827 Alsace to George & Catherine KITTERER. Married 1849 Elizabeth KEIFFER, born Prussia 1829. Children; Anna C., Elizabeth, Louisa, Mary Magdalena, George, John, Jacob, Henry O. & Charles F.W. (Lancaster, NY)

TAHANEY, Patrick
Born Ireland 1839. Lived in Lancaster, NY until 1863. Married Mary A. BYERS in 1868. (Alden)

TELLER, George R.
Born June 6, 1847  Buffalo, NY  (Buffalo)

Born Earlville, IA, June 1856.  (Buffalo)

Born Buffalo, NY July 16, 1870 to Victor & Mary BRITTON Thebaud.  (Buffalo)

Born Prussia Dec. 25, 1846. To US, Town Line, Erie Co., NY 1853. Alden, NY 1875. Married Oct. 13, 1866 Mary COOK. (Alden)

TREW, Andrew R.
Born 1825 England to John & Ann Trew of England. To Erie co., NY 1852. Married 1856 Martha FANNING of Lewiston, Niagara Co., NY, daughter of Rufus & Mary Fanning. Four children. (Tonawanda)

TRIPP, Augustus Franklin
Born New Haven, VT. Sept. 30, 1822. Married Aug. 17, 1847 to Mary M. STEELE of Painsville, OH. Married #2 on Jan. 22, 1868 Caroline M. BROWN of Chelsea, Mass.  (Buffalo)

TRULL, Hiram F., MD.
Born April 21, 1842 Sheldon, Wyoming Co., NY to David W. & Esther A. Trull. To Erie Co., NY 1868. Married Oct. 1870 Emma L. TYLER of Attica, NY. (Amherst)

ULSCH, Andrew
Born Erie Co., NY 1852 to Andrew & Mary Ulsch of Germany. Married 1876, Anna SCHUCHERT born Erie Co., NY 1856. (Tonawanda)

Born 1827 Orleans Co., NY to John & Delilah BENTLEY Van Brocklin. Married 1855, Sarah G. HILL born Maine 1832. Children; Cora, Rollo born Aug. 12, 1867 & Frank. (Tonawanda)

Born 1815 in Penn Yan, NY. To Williamsville, NY 1840. Studied medicine in Springville, NY 1836. Graduated at Fairfield, NY 1840. His father John VAN PELT was of Yates Co., NY. (Amherst)

VELZY, Oliver
Born 1842 Wyoming Co., NY to Eldred Velzy of CT. Married 1867, Lydia BRADIENT of Little Valley, NY, daughter of Amos. Children; Weslie, Elsie, George R., Seba M., Eber A., Amos & Orlean. (Brant)

VICKERS, Joseph H.
Born Tonawanda, NY to Wm. H. Vickers. (Tonawanda)

Born Newark, NY August 14, 1852.  Married Nov. 16, 1882 Carrie WITTLESEY, daughter of Frederick Wittlesey of Rochester, NY  (Buffalo)

Born March 19, 1857 Buffalo, NY.  Married June 21, 1892, Anna E. CARMICHAEL, daughter of Robert Carmichael.  (Buffalo)

Born Prussia June 3, 1827 to Peter and Barbara Wagner. Married 1853 Helen STARKS, born 1833 in Erie Co., NY. Children; (10 of 12), Barbara, Charles, Charlotte, Catherine, Edw., Lucy, Emily, Helen, John J. & Carrie. (Amherst)

Born 1802 Lancaster Co., PA. to David (1775-1850) & Barbara (1777-1872) GRAYBEL Walter. Married 1828, Barbara A. SHAFFER, born Germany 1804. Children; Jacob, David, Henry, Geo., Samuel, Theodore, Ellinor & Elizabeth. Children of David & Barbara; John, Elizabeth, David, Barbara & Samuel. (Bowmansville)

WALTER, Stephen
Born to Charles & Angeline LAKE Walker. Married Sept. 18, 1883 to Fanny TREAT of Hartford, CT.  (Buffalo)

Born Clarence, NY March 15, 1841.  (Buffalo)

Born May 12, 1852 Tonawanda, NY to Franklin & Mary A. CONNELLY Warren. Married 1879 Sarah SCHWINGER. Children; Christy, Frank, Wm., Susan & Helena. (Tonawanda)

WATERS, Howard D.
Born Aurora, NY April 8, 1852. Married Sept. 18, 1875 to Sophonia M. BARCKLEY of Grand Rapids, MI.   (Buffalo)

WEBB, Henry
Born 1825 Scotland. Married 1847 Margaret WELLBANK, born Ireland 1826. To Erie Co., NY 1852. Six children. (Tonawanda)

Born 1852 Buffalo, NY to Henry & Margaret WELLBANK Webb. Married 1879, Diana N. PICKARD, born Erie Co., NY 1850. Two Children.

Born Feb. 5, 1810 in VT. 1815 to Genesee Co., NY. 1817 to Alden, NY. Married 3 times. Last wife had 9 children. His father John WEBSTER died at 88 years of age. (Alden)

Born Germany, died 1897. Married Elizabeth ___ of Russia. To US 1867. Children; John L. born 1869 Constantinople Turkey & Edw. C., born 1865 Turkey. (Tonawanda)

WENDLING, Frederick J.
Born March 14, 1841 Germany to Frederick & Magdalena Wendling of Germany. Married 1860 Philopena HETTRICH. Children; Wm., Charles G., Frederick J. Jr., Julia & Edward. (West Seneca)

Born Feb. 10, 1851 Clarence, NY. Married 1875 Anna BOLD She died. Children; Michael, George, Leo, Edward & Phillip. Married #2, Oct. 1895 Susan LEFFLER. (Amherst)

Born Feb. 4, 1863 Millville, NY, to B.A. Wends, of Goelitz, Prussia. Married 1886, Nora NICE, daughter of John Nice. Children; Bernard N., Nice & Sybil. (Tonawanda)

Born Dec. 11, 1824 in Baden, Germany. Came to Erie Co. 1848-1849. Married April 29, 1851 Margaret DANIELS, born 1833 in France. Children; (1 of 3) Mrs. Geo. BEACH(Amherst)

Born 1825 to Asa Wetherbee from MS. to Erie Co., NY 1811. Asa died 1852. (Brant)

WETZEL, Mathias
Born Aug. 15, 1866 Cheektowaga, NY to Ango & Mary Wetzel both of Germany. Married Oct. 15, 1885 Anna CLOSE. Children: Edward, Mathias, Stephen, Charles, Anna, Lilly & Julia. (Amherst)

Born Buffalo, NY Dec. 8, 1859.  (Buffalo)

Born 1832 Genesee Co., NY. Married 1858, Helen A. BROADMAN, born 1838 OH. Children; Harrie S., Manly A., Mary E. & Raymond J. (Akron)

Born 1824 Oswego Co., NY to E. & Lucretia TAYLOR Wheelock. Married 1847, Minerva PARK, of Boston MS. Children; Lucy born Feb. 9, 1854 who married 1873 Cyrus HOLMES & Wm. A., born Nov. 8, 1863 & died Oct. 6, 1883. (Sardinia)

Born 1804 VT. To Erie Co., NY 1833. Married July 22, 1848 Anne YOUNGS, born 1809, Erie C., NY. Three children. (Bowmansville)

WHITE, Horace W.
Born Aug. 23, 1839 Hamburg, NY to Horace White Sr. Married 1859 Jane WHEELOCK, who died 1882. Children; Henry Ellsworth, Sara M. & Leroy. (Hamburg)

Born May 9, 1826 Hamburg, NY to Sanford Williams. Married 1854 Adaline THOMAS, who died 1857. Children; Frank W. & Carrie E. Married #2, Mary HOOVER. children; Sanford A., Katie, Leopold, Ella, George W. & Libbie. (Hamburg)

Born Perth, Ont., Canada April 13, 1857. Married Jan. 1, 1887 to Lillian SHANNON of Ogdensburg, NY.  (Buffalo)

WITMAR, Tobias
Born Oct. 8, 1816 in Niagara Co., NY. to Abraham (1770-1851) & Barbara HABECKER (1782-1859). Married November 16, 1837, Anna FRICK . Born May 1819. Daughter of Christian (born 1794) & Elizabeth (born 1796) Frick. Children; five sons & nine daughters. Served in Civil War as Sgt. Engrs. Co. F. 50th Reg. NY Vol. (Amherst)

Born Jan. 25, 1835 in England. To US, Rochester NY 1835. Millgrove, NY 1857. Montgomery Co., NY 1861. Crittenden, NY 1862. Alden, NY 1866. Married May 6, 1868, Harriet W. YORK of Millgrove, NY. (Alden)

Born Boston, NY Feb. 20, 1869 to Martin & Katherine KUMMER Wohlhueter of Germany. Married March 18, 1897 to Mary OLSON.  (Buffalo)

WOLF, Geo. G.
Born Sept. 22, 1853 in Amherst, NY to Geo. & Louisa FRIES Wolf. Married 1876 Barbara WERKLEY, daughter of Adam & Richy CLINK Workley. Children; Ida, Gertie & Arthur. Louisa died & he married Eva WERKLEY, sister of Louisa. Children; Estelle. (Amherst)

WOLF, Geo. G. Sr.
Born 1817 Germany to Adam (1778-1857) & Catherine (1782-1862) KREBS Wolf. Married 1843 Loisa FRIES, born France 1824 to Jacob & Catherine FISHER Fries. Children; (5 of 6) Louisa, Geo. G., Jacob, Catherine & Henry. (Amherst)

WOLF, Geo. J.
Born Amherst, NY July 26, 1841 to Jacob & Margaret Wolf of Germany. Married 1868 Christina WERKLEY born Feb. 10, 1849. Children; Geo. H., Charles H., Clara E., Julia & Annie L. Geo. J. to US 1849. Christina to US 1855. (Amherst)

WOLF, Jacob,
Born in Amherst, NY, March 2, 1840 to Jacob (1815-1875) & Margaret LANFER (born 1875 France) Wolf. Married 1863 Catherine MUCK, born Amherst, NY 1842. Children; Jacob, Edward, Wm., Marshall, Lester, Laura, Ida and Kate. Ida married Lorin WATSON, Laura married Jacob SCHOELLES, Kate married Henry SCHOELLES. (Amherst)

WOLF, Jacob,
Born Amherst, NY 1853 to Geo. & Louisa FRIES Wolf of Amherst. Married 1881 Sarah KLUDA. One child; Cyrus G. (Amherst)

WOLGAST, Charles F.
Born 1821 Prussia to Charles (died 1861) & Elisha H. (died 1872) Wolgast. Married 1853 Amelia MEYER, born Prussia 1828, daughter of Fred & Wilhelmina Meyer. Children; Louis, Charles, John & Paulina. (Amherst)

YEAGER, Orson E.
Born Moscow, PA March 1866. Married Nov. 1891 to Katherine C. FITZMARTIN of Corning, NY.  (Buffalo)

Born 1851 Buffalo, NY. Married 1876 Fanny RICHARDSON, born Erie Co., NY 1851. Children; Frank J., Ralph R. & Anna A. (Lancaster)

YOUNG, Jacob
Born 1825 Alsace to Jacob (1799-1880) & Madalena (died 1861) Young of Alsace. To Erie Co. 1830. Married 1848 Elizabeth MANN born NY 1830, daughter of Jacob (died 1835) & Rebecca (died 1845) Mann. Children; Magdalena, Elizabeth, Anna, Loren, Jacob & Michael. (Bowmansville)

YOUNGS, Francis H.
Born Amherst, NY Jan.22, 1814 to Jasper B. (born Jan. 26, 1811) [son of James SMITH Youngs, {born New England Sept. 14, 1777}]) & Jane Ann Youngs. Married Emma VALENTINE, who died July 16, 1896. Children; Lemuel V., Jasper B., Emma Frances & Olive Louise. (Amherst)

YOUNGS, James F.
Born in Amherst, NY, 1817 to James (1777-1851) (married 1803) & Phebe SAXTON (1777-1849) Youngs. Jasper married 1850 Minerva WILSON, daughter of Stephen (1804-1875) & Miranda (born 1804 Dutchess Co., NY) Wilson. Children; (6 of 7) Alice, Carrie L., Mary F., Bertha, James F. Jr., & Florence L. (Amherst)

YOUNGS, Jasper B.
Born June 26, 1811 Lancaster, Erie Co., NY to James S. (born 1777 Stamford CT.) & Phebe SAXTON (born 1779 Berkshire Co., MS) Youngs. Married 1835 Jane Ann ABBE (born 1811 Jefferson Co., NY) Daughter of Simeon Abbe of MS. Children; Jane A., Geraldine AYER, Jasper S., Laura C. BAXTER & Frank H. (Amherst)

YUND, Emilo
Born February 22, 1844 in Alsace. To Bowmansville, NY in 1861. (Alden)

ZIMMERMAN, Geo. Michael
Born April 29, 1854 Buffalo, NY to Geo. J. (born 1815) & Katherine FISCHER (born 1837 Alsace) Zimmerman, married 1876 Agnes STEINMANN, daughter of Chas. & Elizabeth GOTTSCHALK Steinmann. Children; Geo. Jr., Joseph, Dolores, Gerard, Edw., Mary J., Clara (Sister M. Agnes) & Katherine (Sister M. Gerada). Geo. J., son of John (died 1865), born in Baveria, came to US 1832, married Magdalena PAUL of Baveria. (Amherst)

Born Alsace 1815 to Adam (1768-1862) & Elizabeth (1768-1843) Zimmerman. To Erie Co., NY 1833. Married Jan. 12, 1837 Louisa DIEHL, born Alsace 1815. Children 7; Wm., Fred, Chas., Louisa, Caroline, Emily & Fanny. (Buffalo)

Born in Tonawanda in 1847 to Levi & Elizabeth Zimmerman. Married 1878 Frances AMES born in Orleans Co., NY 1849, daughter of Anthony & Elizabeth NORTON Ames. From Herkimer Co. to Niagara Co., NY in 1832. (Tonawanda)

Born in Erie Co., NY 1848 to Martin & Maggie Zimmerman of Germany who came to US in 1830. Married 1870 Sarah SPICE, born in Erie Co., NY 1830. Two children. (Tonawanda)

Born 1840 Cheektowaga, NY to Michael (1811-1848) & Saloma DEIFENBACH Zubrick of Alsace. Married 1872 Malissa STEVENS born IN 1851. Children; John L., Estella, Bell & Fanny. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1820 Alsace to Nicholas (1780-1844) & Elizabeth (1785-1860) Zubrick. Married 1852 Christina (1832-1874). Children; Geo. P., Henry W., Wm., Levy, Elizabeth, Edwin, Mary & Anna L. (Cheektowaga)

Born 1815 France to Nicholas & Maria GARBER, who came to US 1830. Married 1848 Fanny GECKLER, born 1825, daughter of John & Anna M. Geckler of Germany. Children; three sons & four daughters. (Cheektowaga)

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