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Taken from 1812 newspaper in possession of Buffalo & Erie Co., NY Historical Society

OCTOBER 8, 1813

The War Journal is published every Friday morning by Beck and Foster.
Opposite the Spring Market, Portsmouth, NH

Copy of a letter from Isaac Hull, Esq. Comanding Naval Officer on the station east of Portsmouth, NH

U.S Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH
14th September, 1813

Hon. W. Jones
Secretary of the Navy

I have the honor to forward you, by the mail, the flags of the late British brig Boxer, which were nailed to her mast heads at the time she engaged, and was captured by the U.S. brig Enterprise.
Great as the pleasure is that I derive from preforming this part of my duty, I need not tell you how difficult my feelings would have been, could the gallent Burrows have had this honor.
He went into action most gallantly, and the difference of injury done to the two vessels proves how nobly he fought.
I have the honor to be, with great respect, sir, your obedient servant.


Copy of letter from Commander Perry to General Harrison
U.S. brig Niagara, off the Western Sister, head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10th 1813, 4 PM
Major General Harrison
Dear Sir
We have met the enemy and they are ours!
Two ships, two brigs, one schooner, and one sloop.
Yours with great respect and esteem.

From the same to the same
September 11 th, 1813
Dear Sir
We have a great number of prisoners, which I wish to land: (note..part of copy hard to read)
On board the Niagara
Peter Morel, Seaman
Isaac Hardy, o.s.
John J. Edwards, Lieut.
John C. Cummings, midshipman
Edward Martin, seaman, since dead
Wm. Davis, o.s., since dead
Joshua Trapnill, marine, since dead
Ronvell Hall, o.s.
George Platt s.
Elias Wiley, o.s.
Henry Davidson, s.
John M. Stirbuck, o.s.
John Freeman, o.s.
James Lansford, s.
Thomas Wilson, s.
Charles Davidson, s.
Daniel Bennet, s.
John Filton, boatswains mate
Sergant Mason, marine
Corporal Scott, marine
Thomas Miller, marine
John rumas, marine
Geo. M’Manomy, marine
Geo. Scofield, marine
Samuel Cochron, marine
On the morning of the action, the sick list of the Niagara contained 28 unfit for duty
On board the Caledonia
James Artus, slightly
Isaac Perkins, slightly
James Phillips, slightly
On board the Sommers
Charles Orden
Godfrey Bowman
On board the Ariel
John White, boatswains mate
Wm. Sloss, o.s., slightly
Robert Wilson, s. slightly
James Lucas, landsman, slightly
On board the Trippe
Isaac Greene, soldier 26th Reg., badly
John Niles, soldier 17th Reg., slightly
On board the Porcupine
None killed or wounded
On board the Lawrence (some of the wounded)
Samuel Spywood
Robert Hill,s., slightly
Thomas Reed, s., slightly
Francis Cummings, o.s, severely
Charles VanDyke, o.s., severely
Wm. Simpson, o.s., severely
Jesse Williams, o.s., severely
James Hadley, o.s. slightly
James Bird, marine, severely
Wm. Burnett, marine, severely
Wm. Braggs, marine, severely
David Christie, marine, severely
Henry Vanpoole, marine, severely
Thomas Triss, landsman, severely
Elijah Partin, landsman, severely
John Adams, landsman, severely
Charles Harrington, landsman, severely
Wm. Perkins, landsman, severely
Nathaniel Wade, boy, severely
Newport Hazzard, boy, slightly

A return of the killed and wounded on board the squadron under the command of Commodore Isaac Chauncey, in the attack upon York April 27th, 1813.
Ship Madison
John Campbell, s., black man, badly wounded
Richard Welch, o.s., slightly wounded
David C. Bunnel, s., slightly wounded
Scooner Ontario
Benjamin Hacker, s., badly wounded
John Rattler, s., badly wounded
Schooner Growler
John Stimas, s., slightly wounded
John Peterson, o.s., dangerously wounded
Schooner Gonquest
John Hatfield, midshipman, killed
Benjamin Quereau, midshipman, killed
Schooner Scourge
Lemdel Bryant, o.s., badly wounded
Schooner Raven
Isreal Clark, o.s., black man, killed
Schooner Fair American
____ Thompson, midshipman, killed
(signed) Isaac Chauncey

A return of killed and wounded on board the squadron under the command of Commodore Isaac Chauncey in the attack upon Fort George on May 27th, 1813
Schooner Growler
Wm. Buckley, o.s., dangerously wounded, since dead
Wm. Wills, o.s., wounded
On board the Chesapeake
Officers Killed
Edw. J. Ballard, acting Lieut.,
James Broome, Lieut. of marines
Wm. A. White, sailing master
Pollard Hopewell, midshipman
John Evans, midshipman
Courtland Livingston, midshipman
Daniel Burnham, quartermaster
James Woodbury, quartermaster
Michael Kelly, quartergunner
John Carter, boatswains mate
Seamen Killed
Henry Monroe
Abraham Cox
Sterling Clark
Alexander Marino
Thomas Evans
John Miller
Daniel Martin
Robert Bates
Wm. Russell
Harris Ball
Andrew Williams
Joseph Simmons
John W. Duggan
Davis Biss
Josiah Sheffield
John Phillips
Benjamin Esday
John Reed Jr.
Samuel Mullin
Michael Sawyer
James Betton
John Crabb
Samuel M. Perkins
Joseph Judith
John Jones
Christopher Houstan
Marines Killed
Thomas Wheaton
Benjamin Morrison
John Mulligan
John German
John Huntress
James Trainor
Jacob Preston
Phillip Bryant
Redmond Barry
Robert Standley
Delany Ward
Officers Wounded
James Lawrence Esq., Capt., since deceased
Augustus C. Ludlow Lt., since deceased
Geo. Budd Lt.
Wm. Cox, acting Lt.
Samuel Livermore, acting chaplin
Francis Nicholas , midshipman
Walter Abbott, midshipman
Wm. A. Weaver, midshipman
Edmund M. Russell, midshipman
Wm. Berry, midshipman
Peter Adams, boatswains, since dead
Jefferson Griffith, quartermaster
James A. Lewis, quartermanster
Forbes Dela, quartergunner, since dead
Samuel Hutson, sail makers mate
Thomas Finngan, gunners yeoman
Thomas Smith Jr., quarter gunner
John Veazy, quarter gunner
John Giles, quarter gunner
Thomas Rouse, quarter gunner
Thomas Jackson Jr., quartermaster
Seamen Wounded
James Sprout
Sylvester Stacey
John Appleton
Peter Quantin
James Butler
John Johnson
John Peterson
Thomas Sterling
Peter John
Jehu Smith
Joseph Weyland
Francis Symonds, since dead
John Brice
Eliphalet Carr
Thomas Flanagan
John Hodgman, since dead
Francis Franklin
Henry Hyde
Alexander Grant
Enoch Hackett
Andrew Mercer
John Tallman
James Parker
Ebenezer Day
Giles Cone, since dead
Andrew VanDesnau
Derby Lee, since dead
John Hunt, since dead
Rolla Peters
Robert May
Joseph Vaughan
John Devo, since dead
Noel Dearborn
John Rollins
Charles Sargent
Wm. Metcalf
Charles Thompson
Abraham Richardson
James Dufree
Lewis Hanscom, since dead
Wm. Hubans
Benjamin Sumner
Wm. M’Cafforty
Marcus Mansel, since dead
John Dezink
John Petusiwing
Wm. Peterson
Wm. Stewart
Asa Newell
Alexander Brown
Mathias Douglas
John M’Neal, since dead
John Crutchett
Thomas Jones Jr.
John Caldwell
Wm. Gardiner
John Kegan
Marines Killed
John Twiss, Sgt.(or Twist)
Wm. Harris, Cpl.
Wm. Dixon, Cpl., since dead
Richard Hoffman
James Brown
Joseph Twiss (or Twist)
Geo. Upham
John Crippen
Samuel Jackson
John Johnson
John Wright
Miles Morris
Mathias Woolberry
Warren Frogg
Thomas Johnson
Geo. Clyne
Joseph Crane
Wm. Lewis
John Livre
John Brady

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